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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Volunteers needed for St. Clare's Picnic- Sunday, September 13, 2015

With Fr. Stobie off on Sabbatical, there has been a reversal in the decision of how we are to cook.  We are going to BBQ after all, with personal grills.  The parish will provide the food and reimburse for fuel, we just need to cook it!

Thus, calling all Knights with BBQs to lend.  And a change in schedule for what Ted needs for volunteers.  Please send e-mail to Ted Seeber to volunteer.

7am-10am Setup.  As many hands on deck as we can get, and this is BBQ delivery time.  We also need some wood for leveling, as it appears we'll be in the area behind the new gate by the rectory.

10am- Mass.  Everybody goes to Mass, Fr. Tim Bushy will be preaching, we think (have not gotten final coverage schedule from Archdiocese yet)

11am- kids and those who sign up off on the 5k fun run, Knights, start cooking.  I'd like at least 4-5 Knights for this.  We are doing hamburgers (preformed costco) and hot dogs.  Chips and drinks will also be served.

12noon-3pm, picnic.  We will continue serving for at least the first two hours of this.

3pm-5pm  Building the Domestic Church Movie "Mulan" - giving the younger school parents a place to drop the kids off and volunteer for picnic clean up.  Load up BBQs at this time also.  Would like an additional 4-5 volunteers for this time.


  1. Hi Bro. Ted. I will bring my BBQ (propane) well before the noon cooking time - probably before 10 so I can attend mass. I'll bring a spare propane tank. I'll bring some wood blocks too. It might help to thaw or partly thaw frozen patties so that they cook evenly. I assume buns and condiment assembly will happen elsewhere, so pans to transport the meat will help - with tongs for sanitation. Even though this is a picnic, I recommend we consider ways to limit everyone handling food. Tongs for lettuce and tomatoes for example.

    1. We have tongs and other implements of condimention, so don't worry about that. Our job is just to cook meat.