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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Congradulations to new officers

Most of our officer list stayed the same, but Monday Night we elected the following four new officers:
GK- Daniel Salomon
3 Year Trustee - Marc Gregoire (Ken and Ted move to 2-Year and 1-Year respectively)
Advocate- James Hatch
Inside Guard- Evan Crader

Congratulations to these, and we request everybody's presence at 6:30 on July 17 for the Officer Installation before our standard business meeting.

Junque and Jewels Tear Down

As usual, Sunday at the Junque and Jewels Sale is $5 shopping bag day- everything you can fit in a shopping bag for $5.  Bring the family, stay until 3pm, and then volunteer for cleanup- where you might even find an extra Jewel or 2 as you are moving tables after the cashboxes are closed.  We need lots of men to move tables, so bring your families and come if you can.

Men's Conference Tickets

Click here to get your tickets for the Men's Conference October 20-21 in Mt. Angel- $53.74 per person.  Our Council will be organizing carpools from St. Clare's and St. John Fisher.

Monday, June 12, 2017

From Theresa Duda- Junque and Jewels Announcement

Thanks for volunteering to help set up for J&J. We will start at 0800 on Saturday the 17th. We will be moving tables, putting up shelves and signage, and generally getting things ready to go. 

If you aren't into heavy lifting, that's OK. Rest assured we have all sorts of jobs.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

St. Clare Junque and Jewels Sale Coming

We are off the hook for putting down the floor, but they would like help setting up the tables, Saturday June 17, 9 am.  We have a family who owns a large horse trailer this year willing to haul tables, so it should be a quick and enjoyable setup with only one load of tables coming down from the storage garage.

Also teardown, Sunday June 25th at 3pm.

Remember, each person who volunteers at least 4 hours setting up this event, or signs up to volunteer for a total of 4 hours, will get a ticket to the infamous volunteer's pre-sale on Thursday, June 22nd.

Finally, our meeting is coming up Monday, June 19th.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

a prayer request and a correction

First of all pray for Michael Chau, who recently had emergency surgery to remove his appendix.   Second, I had the wrong person.  Please e-mail Daniel Salomon ,, to volunteer for Saturday's Pentecost saetup at St Clare.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Upcoming events at St. Clare's

Can you believe it is already Pentecost?  Once again, Pia and BJ are arranging a neat party at St. Clare's.  But it will take volunteers on deck to make it happen.  The Knights are on task for setup after 5pm Mass and teardown Sunday after the ethnic sauce dinner.  Please volunteer if you are able.

Also happening, is the June First Saturday Adoration, featuring the Knights at 3pm for a Chaplet of Divine Mercy and a pro-life Rosary.  Ted will lead this one, but due to family commitments cannot lead it in July.  Come experience this prayer for life at St. Clare's, and consider leading it July 1st if you are able.  Benediction will be after the Rosary led by Deacon Bill at 3;45pm.

Contact Ted Seeber ( or Michael Chau ( to volunteer for either of these events.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Meeting minutes for Monday, May 15 2017

7:00 pm Call to Order
Warden’s Report
Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call
GK- Present
FS- Present
DGK- Present
Chan- Absent
Recorder- Excused
Treasurer- Present
Advocate- Present
Warden- Present
IG- Excused
OG- Excused
1 year trustee Present
2 year trustee Present
3 year trustee Excused

 7 Officer 7 Brothers

Chaplain’s Message - Really appreciated the blueberry pancakes and the flower sale, and all the Knights do for the parish. Two requests: Help with setup and teardown of Pentecost celebration the evening of June 3 and the afternoon of June 4, help with setup and teardown of Junque and Jewels Friday June 16, Saturday Morning June 17, Sunday afternoon June 25. Ted Seeber CANNOT chair any of these events, due to his parent's upcoming 50th wedding anniversary, and so we are asking for volunteers.

Reading of Minutes

7:15 Grand Knight’s Remarks - We competed with ourselves over the past month. Next year, we should move breakfasts to avoid other events. When we have Christ working through us, it feels right, it feels good, we know it is right. Mary's fiat was right- when we serve as Knights and when we do it right, it shines brightly to the rest of the world. Thanks from Joanne for Phil stepping up to serve. When we are all working at the breakfast- it feels right. When we are one with the church, we know we are doing right and it feels right. Let the Lord keep working through us.
7:20 Treasurer’s Report
  • $1375 at 1st of Month- Includes Breakfast for St. John Fisher.
  • Now down to $873. Lots of outstanding checks.
  • Breakfast proceeds for St. Clare $473
7:25 Financial Secretary’s Report
  • 32 members - time to send letter of intent to retain for Dennis and Aerton.
  • St. Clare Breakfast - net $327, Stipend $164
7:30 For the Good of the Order
7:35 Updates
State Conference
  • Jim gave us a handout about the Conference.
  • Marriage for Life Decal can be ordered from
  • Daniel gave report:  I feel stronger as a Catholic Man.  Felt like when I was in Israel visiting the Knights Templar building.  Revival is really happening- going back to true Christianity.  Some disconnect between to the Magisterium and the Laity- impressed by the number of young Knights there.   Bridge the gaps between Knights of Columbus and Men's Groups.  Lake Oswego does spiritual stuff and retreat once a year.  Families and reaching out to men at the margins.  College Knights from UP, OSU, and UofO made a big showing.  Next year's convention will be at Boulder Falls Conference Center in Lebanon.  Holy League Men's Conference in Mt Angel this year, October 20-21, 2017; featuring Bishop Smith, Fr. Bill Casey, Doug Barry, Deacon Harrold Burke Silvers.  Sign up at   .    If we find a way to donate $500 to the RSVP program for vocations (to a seminarian) we can get $100 back from Supreme for our council.
  • State Deputy Sid Thiel is resigning.  New State Deputy Francis Mohr, Ron Boyce moving up to State Secretary, Steve Steele moving up to Treasurer, Michael Rooke moving up to Advocate, New Warden Radel
  • State Summer Meeting will be July 21-23, at the Boulder Falls Conference Center in Lebanon, we need 2 Knights to go from our council, who's up for it?
Pancake Breakfast
  • For next year, avoid Divine Mercy Sunday and Easter so we don't tire ourselves out.
Divine Mercy Cards
  • Competing with ourselves a bit, not much response
Carnation Sales
  • Need more Knights to do this. Had to depend on non-Knights at St. Clare's.
  • Gross $670, cost of flowers $263, for a $407 check headed for Mother & Child
Stop funding abortion initiative
7:50 New Business

Book study - Rediscover Jesus. A truly safe place to share. Our value of Fraternity is to be remembered in discussing such topics. Some ideas were put forth- starting at the next meeting, read one chapter a week. Contact Deacon Scott or Ted Seeber for a copy if you don't have one.

Choosing New Officers- Daniel directed to make this part of the next month's

8:05 Sick or in Distress - Ken Paulsen, Joanne, Bonnie Owens, Daniel's Job situation at Hoyt Arboretum, new vocational councilor, and for Daniel's Parents. Jean from St. John Fisher going in for heart surgery. And for another parishoner from SJF.

8:10 Closing Prayer

Next meeting June 19th

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Agenda for May 15

Dear Brothers,
  Here is the agenda for tomorrow's meeting.  God bless.

Deacon Scott

Knights of Columbus - Agenda for May  15, 2017

John Clare Council #15485
St. Clare Fireside Room

6:30 pm - Council room open and setup
7:00 pm Call to Order
Warden’s Report
Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call of Officers
Chaplain’s Message
Reading of Minutes

7:15 Grand Knight’s Remarks
7:20 Treasurer’s Report
7:25 Financial Secretary’s Report
7:30 For the Good of the Order
7:35 Updates
State Conference
Pancake Breakfast
Divine Mercy Cards
Carnation Sales
Stop funding abortion initiative
7:50 New Business
Book study

8:00 State Deputy
8:05 Sick or in Distress
8:10 Closing Prayer

First Degree?

Next Meeting - June 20

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Monday Meeting

Ted Reports: I'm sure Deacon Scott will be posting an agenda, but our next meeting in Monday May 15th at 7pm, in the Fireside Room at St. Clare's. It should be an exciting, though potentially long, meeting. We will be hearing from Daniel for a report from the State Convention, as well as passing out a written report from Jim. I have invited strangers to the order to this meeting, so we might, at the end of the meeting, pull out the 1st Degree DVD and props to initiate new members. If I see any potential recruits at the flower sale this weekend, I'm inviting them- as we all should.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Parishioner need for transportation help

Dear Brother Knights,
   I received a call from a parishioner today.  She lives in an apartment on Beaverton-Hillsdale near SJF.  She is without a car and is looking for help in two ways:

1) She would like to donate some household goods to Jean's Place, a woman's shelter part of Transitions Projects in NE Portland (18 NE 11th).  We cannot store them at SJF as we prepare for our construction, so it would be picking up items at her place and taking them to Transitions Projects.

2) She needs a ride to the airport next Wednesday, May 17th, leaving her place about 3:30-4:00 am.  She is asking due to a set-income.

Please let me know very soon if you are able to help with either of these tasks.

God bless.

Deacon Scott

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2nd and 3rd coming up in Hillsboro Saturday May 20

Hillsboro 2nd and 3rd Degree on May 20
Hillsboro Council #1634 will be hosting an Advanced Degree (2nd and 3rd) Exemplification on Saturday May 20. For the northern half of Oregon, this is the last scheduled for this Fraternal year and through the summer.
Note: Having your Knighthood Degree (3rd) is a requirement to be a Council Officer
Please make arrangements to call all 1st Degree members of your council and invite them to Hillsboro on Saturday May 20 (Travel/Membership cards required).
I encourage everyone to think of your own membership in the Knights of Columbus as also being an heir of an organization you want to be sure continues and expands its ministry. Records show that most 2nd and 3rd degree Knights remain members, active members. So let’s everyone continue to build the greatness of the organization we share an ownership of.
Let's make Hillsboro the "LARGEST Class of the Year".
Carpool or Rent a Bus
Mike Woody
Oregon Membership Director
541-905-5009 or 541-791-7593

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Breakfast Results and Volunteer Thank you

Thank you to all of our Breakfast Volunteers. On Saturday Night, Michael Chau, Phil Jarvis, Ted Seeber, and Judy Van Domelen cleaned and set up the hall after Laura and Paul's wedding reception. Then Ken Paulsen brought all the groceries in. Sunday morning bright and early at 6am, Ted was back making coffee, and getting last minute shopping done. About 7:30, Laura Bowers came in and started putting together the fruit and sausages. At 8, David McLean, a potential new member arrived and helped finish setup, then cooked 20+ a bit pounds of pancake batter up. Phil Jarvis took in money, while Donna Jarvis did early serving before Paul Pompili and Tom Owens took over. Don Mey came in to do eggs, and Marc Gregoire took care of the front along with Donna and Christopher Seeber (Christopher, of course, took care of our "Honored Church Ladies", as usual). Michael Chau and David on the grill put lots of blueberries onto pancakes. Deacon Scott served up dishes and helped get eggs cooked for the second Mass. Many of us stayed after to help clean up. Oh, and Ted did finally find the steam table cover- well camoflauged against the side of the freezer in the community room.

We served 105 plates for the first mass, and approximately another 33 for the second. Fr. Don liked it so much he came TWICE. We ran out of blueberries at the

Total expenses were $145, $95 in standard groceries and a $50 donation from Ted Seeber.
Final Totals were:
Gross $473
Net $327.19
Stipend to St Clare $163.60

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mother's Day Flower Sale

On Mother's Day, Sunday May 14, The Knights will be selling carnations after Sunday masses at St. Clare & St. John Fisher.  The proceeds of the sale will be donated to benefit Mother and Child Education Center - which is a pro-life organization dedicated to helping pregnant women.

We've ordered more flowers than in past years and will need several volunteers to assist in the sale after each mass at each parish.  Please sign up to assist after the mass you plan to attend.  - Contact Ted for St. Clare ( or Ken for St. John Fisher (  It takes very little time, and it benefits a very worthy cause. 


Next Breakfast in 7 days!

May 7th is our next breakfast at St. Clare's! Setup will be 6pm-8pm Saturday, May 6th. Normal shifts available to volunteer May 7th- 8am-10:30am, 11:30am-2pm, and 8am-2pm. Contact Ted Seeber to volunteer

Sunday, April 23, 2017


Thanks to all those who volunteered to serve breakfast at St. John Fisher this morning.

Deacon Scott opened the school kitchen early - followed by Ted delivering supplies from our storage closet and Ken bringing in the groceries.

Soon, youth group members joined us - William Weber with his father Rick (from the Tigard council) and other youth group members Kyle and Patrick.

Marc Gregoire, Phil Jarvis with his wife Donna, Mike Devlin, Paul Pompili, Michael Chau and Tom Owens pitched in with cooking, serving and cleaning.

Thanks to all who helped and all who ate.
From Ted and Phil- Gross was $256,  net $144.  Good job all!  Next breakfast in 2 weeks at St. Clare's.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

As mentioned by GK at the meeting- Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortion in Oregon

Monday, April 17, 2017

Meeting Minutes for Monday April 17, 2017

Roll Call
 GK- Present
FS- Present
DGK- Present
Chan- present
Recorder- Excused
Treasurer- Present
Advocate- Present
Warden- Present
IG- Excused
OG- Absent
1 year trustee Present
2 year trustee Present
3 year trustee Excused

 10 Officer 11 Brothers

 Chaplain- thank you for the help with St. Clare's Easter Egg Hunt Previous Minutes Approved with minor corrections. (Spelling of April in third to last line)

 Grand Knight's Remarks: Had the distinct privilege over Easter serving with Archbishop Sample. From that, my take away was that the reason people don't understand the Mass, is because they don't understand the Church- and by extension, they don't understand Jesus Christ. The Knights are very much the hands and feet of the Boby of Christ. He is God incarnate in us, we want to be the Body of Christ for others. Encounter Christ, be changed- go out and preach what Christ Preaches.

 Treasurer's Report. $1696.41 start $1039.41 end $500 donation to Dan Mac $10 to Tim Crimmins $351.50 Oregon Council Per Capita $200 St Clare Breakfast Stipend

 Financial Secretary: Food for Families due Breakfast Check from October at SJF was lost. Will roll into next Breakfast Check. For the Good of the Order: Easter- Jesus Christ is Risen, He is Alive. Poem read in honor of Lectuerer's Father. Meagan O'Rourke "In Sync".

-Pancake Breakfasts April 23 SJF, May 7 St. Clare
-Divine Mercy Cards "Silent Recruitment Drive" April 22/23 both Parishes

 New Business 
-This Saturday; Archbishop Sample is coming to SJF to "Bless the Rose Festival", with all the Princesses.  Planting two Rose Bushes.
- Stop Funding Abortion Initiative Ballot Signature Gathering
-Maintenance Help- Jenny Holden- Mowing/fix-its
-Dan Mac appreciation and thank you
-Carnation Sales May 13-14 both parishes, Baby Bottle Drive at SJF
-Fr. McGivney Guild Newsletter mentioned.  Pray for Physical Aliments to help him become a Saint.

State Deputy Report
Columbian Award For Ken Paulsen
Oregon State KofC Charities Raffle is now online:
State Convention is spread out- you really will get to see the sights.  Old St. Francis Church, New St. Francis Church, Powell Butte

Next Meeting Scheduled for May 15, 7pm

Prayer Requests:  Daniel's Employment, Education.  Prayers for Daniel's Parents in a challenging housing situation.  Prayers for Bonnie and Bob Owens.

Queen of Heaven Rejoice Alleluia Final prayer

Meeting Adjouned 7:55pm

K/C Breakfast at St. John Fisher this Sunday 4-23

Hello Brother Knights!

We're planning a breakfast feast for next Sunday at St. John Fisher.  We'll have two shifts:

Set-Up Shift from 8am to 10:30am (includes serving after the 9am mass)

Clean-Up Shift from 10:20 - 1pm (includes serving after the 11am mass)

Sign up for one or both.  We can use lots of help although the youth group will also pitch in and help us.   It's always lots of fun - and a free meal for all who help!!!

In addition to the serving line staff (serving pancakes, sausages, eggs, fruit, beverages & condiments) we need pancake & egg chefs, table setup / cleanup / coffee & beverage mixologists / dishwashers & friendly faces. 

Please sign up... especially if you haven't served at a breakfast recently.  You'll find it's worth the time spent - especially considering this is Divine Mercy Sunday.    

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Two more Sunday Morning volunteers needed at St. Clare's

If you could either stay after 8:30am Mass for about 20 minutes on Easter Sunday, or come at 9:30 for 10:45 Mass on Easter Sunday, contact Ted Seeber, I have a really easy volunteer job for you- being a crossing guard behind the school for children wishing to participate in the Easter Egg hunt. Once the hunt is over and the kids are all down having coffee and donuts with their parents, the job is over.

A Blessed Triduum leading into Knights action

My Dear Brother Knights,
  A Blessed Triduum to you and your family.  May these holy days draw us closer to Christ and his Church, and inspire us to share the Good News with the world.

  We have our monthly Council meeting on Monday, April 17 at 7 pm at St. Clare.  I hope to see you all there.

  On the following Sunday (Divine Mercy), we are busy.  At both parishes we will be handing out Divine Mercy cards with an attached notice about the Knights.  We also are hosting a pancake breakfast at St. John Fisher.  If you are able to help, please contact me.

  As an added bonus, Jim Stahl, one of our brothers, is the prime minister of the Royal Rosarians.  He has arranged for Archbishop Sample to bless the Rose Festival at St. John Fisher Church on Saturday, April 22nd at 11 am.  It would be nice to have the Knights show up in support.

  God bless.

Deacon Scott

Saturday, April 1, 2017

An invitation to join Knights of Columbus

Welcome to our page for John Clare Council 15485, covering St. Clare's and St. John Fisher in Southwest Portland, OR. If you have come here from scanning the QR code on a response card, business card, or other attachment to the Divine Mercy Card you received at Mass, please watch the video and then email with your contact information to be invited to a family information meeting soon.

All male members of St. Clare or St. John Fisher over the age of 18 are eligible to join the Knights of Columbus! We save lives and we change lives. Come find out how!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Update on Easter Egg Hunt at St. Clare's

From Deacon Bill, a few changes to the ask for volunteers, nothing we can't handle.  Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday are the two biggest needs.  Contact Ted Seeber,, if you can volunteer

There will be an issue because of the larger than usual crowd for Easter Liturgies - the both gates will be open on Freeman Street for additional parking. As a result I think we need to move the area for the hunt to the far end of the school yard. Also we would need a member of the Knights to regulate traffic so children will be safe crossing Freeman Street. Not a big issue but a safety issue none the less.  -- Ted says, I'd like 2 men for this duty, approximately 9:30am-10:30 am on Easter Sunday, for this

Last year Mary Pat said we placed out 1,000 eggs. We have the plastic eggs I am hoping for enough goodies to insert in the eggs. If not I will purchase by April 8th.

I will have 3 long tables set up in the parish hall on April 8th. The Knights will man the tables and recruit volunteers to help fill the eggs on Sunday April 9th between Masses.  -- Ted says I can do this, but would like one other volunteer.  Christopher can ask families to come join us.  9:30am-10:45 am, depending on number of volunteers, Palm Sunday

Ted has said that we will set up the various areas in the school yard with poles and tape which we have on Saturday April 8th before the Easter Vigil. 4 areas ages 0-3, 4-6. 7-9, and 10 and up. -- Ted Says More hands will make faster work, we will meet at 7:00pm to do this Holy Saturday

On Easter Sunday we will set up the eggs in the school yard starting at 7:45 am. The breakdown is ages 0-3 (200 eggs) 4-6 (300 eggs), 7-9 (300 eggs) 10 and up (200 eggs). This was the breakdown from last year and it worked out fine. Mary Part suggested that the person(s) who is overseeing the specific groups hold on to about 30 eggs so there are no unnecessary tears.
I am hoping to have maybe two volunteers to oversee each of the 4 groups.

Mass may run a little later than usual because of the crowd at Easter but I give you permission to leave after communion so we can be ready to go when Mass breaks.

I believe we will be able to wrap the hunt up by 10:30 as families will gravitate to coffee and donuts.
We will need that person directing traffic to remain until all the children and families are out of the area.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Founder's Day announcement from The Father McGivney Guild

Dear Brother Knight,
On March 29, 1882, the Knights of Columbus received official recognition as a fraternal benefit society. Now, 135 years later, the Knights of Columbus remembers the lasting impact its founder, Venerable Father Michael McGivney, has made on countless men, women and children helped by the Order. 
Today, as we remember Father McGivney's legacy with Founder's Day celebrations throughout the world, we invite you to join the Father Michael J. McGivney Guild.
The intentions of guild members are included in weekly Masses, periodic special Masses and novenas. Members also receive a regular newsletter and more.
To join the guild, visit

Knights of Columbus • 1 Columbus Plaza • New Haven, CT 06510 • 203-752-4000
Stay connected with Knights of Columbus: