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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dreams beginning to be realized

I don't even remember what year it was when I stood up in front of the Men's Morning of Reflection and said "We need a Knights of Columbus Council at St. Clare's". I know it was before Christopher was born- likely 2001 or 2002. I myself didn't get around to joining the Knights until 2008. In 2009, John Waters (who has yet to join- if anybody knows him, work on him) tossed a wrench into the works when he made the request through Supreme and the State for us to have a council at St. Clare's- I had barely started the roundtable with just myself, Tom Owens, and Michael Chau at that point. In 2010, we merged with the almost non-existent St. John Fisher Roundtable to work a bit harder on Membership. In 2011, I got a strange call from the St. Clare's office- that a man had called at random looking for a council in the area to join. James Michael Morgan became one of my strongest supporters- and even painted St. Anthony's school two months after transferring to our parent council. Through the years, it looked like I'd never break the 20 member barrier. Men joined, men left, and we kept hovering between 12-20 men. With the membership drive at SJF in January 2012, that barrier not only went down, but was smashed- we gained 7 new members for the roundtable immediately. Jim Stahl and Paul Trinchero were the core in that drive - and Jim Stahl was actually one of the ones who joined AT the drive. With a few more transfers and a couple of new members, we have made our 30 member limit- in fact, we've currently got 32 members on the roll. And on April 16, 2012, we got our charter from Supreme- becoming Council #15485. Thank you to EVERYBODY who has helped along the way. And may this blog continue as a place (remember, please, that it's a relatively public place) to present ideas and dreams to the council, and engender discussion thereof. Pipe dreams are welcome- as long as you realize we may never achieve them. But somebody might surprise you- so post your dreams, your wishes, for what you want this council to accomplish. And maybe, with the help of Our Lord Jesus Christ and his Mother Mary, we will. Vivat Jesus! GK Ted Seeber John Clare Council #15485