Friday, September 23, 2016


The St. John Fisher Parish Picnic is this Sunday (9-25-2016) after the 11am outdoor mass.  Our council is again cooking the food (hamburgers and hot dogs) and serving the crowd.  We have 3 brothers signed up and need 8!  So please sign up and show up.  This should be very similar to the St. Clare Parish Picnic and the same picnics of last year.  But we need your help!
Wear your K/C shirts and / or name badge.  If you can show up early, or stay late (one or the other) there should be plenty to do.  The youth group will be waiting on individual tables and other groups are helping with other jobs - so this won't be exclusively a K/C event.  However, we need a good showing and besides, we happen to be experts at this sort of thing...
Ken - 3rd Yr. Trustee

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Be Challenged

Ted Seeber will talk about this conference in New Business.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

October membership drive, an alternate approach

Good evening/morning
I am Ted Seeber.
My family and I have been members of St. Clare parish for 18 years.
Today I am speaking about the Knights of Columbus. I have been a Knight for 9 years.
The Knights is a Fraternal organization for practical Catholic men, 18 years and older.   There are over 15,000 Councils worldwide.
A joint Knight of Columbus Council was chartered in 2012 for St. Clare and St. John-Fisher parishes.  So we are a new Council.
We are asking you men to seriously consider membership.
I wish to make only three points in the brief time I have here today.
First;  the Knights of Columbus is FAMILY,
Second, the Knights of Columbus is PARISH,
Third, the Knights of Columbus is COMMUNITY.
The Knights was founded on family.  Our priest founder, a Father McGivney, in 1882, saw wives, mothers, and children suffering when their husbands and fathers were killed or died prematurely from accident or disease.    In time, insurance programs have evolved for all family members.  But insurance is not a requirement of membership.
Our families participate with us Knights when we take on various projects and activities.  And working together on various projects can also be as much fun as you make it.

Membership happens only with family.  If you do not believe this, turn to your spouse now and say:  ”What would you say if I joined the knights?”  And where would this discussion go?  And what further would you each need to know about the Knights?
We are parish based and parish attached.  We support our pastors in whatever way we are able.  We support other parish organization as we can when asked.
To name a couple of our parish projects:  We do breakfast some Sundays at each parish.   We fired up the grill at the parish picnic.
Charity is a strong principle of the Knights so we donate to the parish St Vincent de Paul work as we can.
At our parish schools, the Knights have been sponsoring an annual Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest. Winners for our Parish are announced in November.

Membership in the Knights and volunteering with us now counts for school volunteering credit.
We also work beyond the immediate parish with charitable dollar donations and work hours on various projects as we able.
A small example is the baby bottle drive for the Mother and Child Education Center.
In conclusion, we invite you to a gathering to explore with some of us members what the Knights are all about and to give us an opportunity to share our story.
This will be held Sunday noon, October 9th, in the Parish Hall.
Come, give us a few minutes. We will tell you about our founder and more.
For sure, there are several reasons to not this.  On the other hand ? ?

Thank you for your time, attention and patience

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pray for our dear friend Kevin Hagen and his father Donald

Kevin has had a few bad weeks- first his dog died, then a medication imbalance led to depression, then the day after he came home from the psychiatric clinic, his father Donald had a stroke and is in ICU at OHSU tonight.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

St. Clare's Picnic was a big success

Thank you to all who volunteered for this wonderful event.  All men over the age of 18 who were there, should inquire about becoming Knights of Columbus to support our parish!

From Kelli Terry:
Picnic Team - 
Wow!  Thank you so much for all the hard work today!  You all just just jumped in and were ready to help - kids and all!  I could not have done it without you all!  It was a great day, filled with the community and the heart of St Clare. I am so grateful. 

I know I have missed people here, so please forward to anyone else that you feel. 

Many thanks!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Here's a few pictures of the event.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

St. Clare's picnic is tomorrow

Ted Seeber here.  Due to the incredible mess my house has become over the past few months, with all the work done in the kitchen and now the continuing mess due to the china cabinet falling off the wall (narrowly missing Christopher, just got by with a small cut on the head and a bruised shoulder), my BBQ tools are not easy to get to.  If anybody has a nice kit with tongs and spatula and you're volunteering anyway, please bring them.

Friday, September 9, 2016

St Clare Picnic Schedule and Map

From Kelli Terry:
My cell number is 503-939-5678 if anything comes up. Please bring your key card with you that day so you have access to kitchen/inside building. 

I have a map of the layout I will send next to give set up idea (not to scale but gives you an idea!)

8a-10  - set up.
Rob Terry (canopy)
Sangster Family
Sean Brady (canopy)
Ray Nilke (canopy 2x)
Greg Hermann (XL canopy)
Duda (canopy)
Shick family (canopy)
    Bryan Mullen
Ted (canopy)

8a-10a- Knights of Columbus set up grills / and cook during picnic
Ted Seeber (canopy)
Evan Crader
Ken Paulson /Daniel Salomon(Legos)
Mike Morgan
Don Mey 

COOK HELP 11:30-1:30/2
Rob Terry
Stu Worrell
Scott Groshong
Bryan Mullen

Set up includes:  tables, chairs, pop up canopies, bins for trash, canned food donations, bbq area. Should be about 8 canopies to set up (one large that takes 4 people).  15 6 ft tables and 10 rounds (from parish hall) and about 100 chairs  Tables and chairs will need to moved from parish hall,  up elevator out school doors to yard.  There is a roll cart/hand truck to do this.)  set out trash cans, bins for canned food.  Easel for foam board moved to pavement. 2 tables by gym for Dragon dash sign in. 

EVENT (food line)  
Alicia Brady
Kim Thornburg
Marsha Webber (cake)
Mclean family (11-1)
Cosper  (11-1)
    Eisner family
    Mary Pat Farley (cake)
Worrell (games)

Some are going to Mass, some are doing the DD, so work around when you are available:  Bring out the water/beverage jugs, cups. plates, burgers/dogs, condiments from kitchen,  All food will be in the kitchen. Burgers in freezer, rest in fridge. Individual bags of chips set out, and serving utensils for donated desserts.  Refill/stock all items and move cooked meats to food line. Desserts might be dropped off before Mass (parish hall or outside).  Moving desserts out to lawn, cutting/serving cake refilling beverage jugs,  help with games.  

2- 4:  Clean up
    Rhonda Broadfoot
    Colleen K
    Coralynn A.

Clean up/Tear down.  Tables and chairs back to storage in parish hall, canopies down and packed up.  Dishes cleaned, all trash to dumpsters, canned foods moved to storage,  food put away, etc.  Any frozen unopened food goes back to school.  Anything cooked/opened must be removed , home to your families or donated. 

Thank you all for helping!  Let me know if you have any questions!  Looking forward to Sunday!