Friday, December 2, 2016

Some Announcements

Pro-Life Rosary at St. Clare's at 3:00pm during Adoration on Saturday December 3.
Kathy Nichols sends this request for prayers for her husband Clyde.  Clyde and Kathy are long time parishioners at St. Clare's.

I took Clyde to Doctor this a.m. and they put him in an ambulance to OHSU.
After 4 hours of tests, they concluded that it was many small blood clots floating
in his lungs.   He is in ICU on Heperin and they will monitor the next couple of 
days.   Pray all goes well.........thanks."

Finally, news from Supreme of the State Deputy meeting:
Brother Knights: 
During the recent meeting of state deputies, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson addressed the primary importance of membership recruitment and provided updates on other Knights of Columbus initiatives. Click here to read more.
The state deputies also watched a video highlighting events of the 2016 Supreme Convention in Toronto. This video is available here. Please share this video on your council's website and Facebook Page so that your community can learn the extent of the Knights of Columbus' good works! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

December 15-17, a day of contemplation, a day of service

Theresa Duda writes that Christmas Box Filling will be December 15-16 at St. Clare's and that deliveries will be done on December 17th.

Ted Seeber reminds us that if you've signed up for the Men's Conference in Salem, that too is ?December 16-17.

So either way- if you are a Knight at St. Clare's, we expect you to be working on your own spirituality that weekend; either in service or retreat.

Come tell us about your weekend experiences on Monday, December 19 at our Advent Potluck!  Meeting is at 6pm in the St. Clare Parish Hall, and this is the meeting of the year to bring family and friends to!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Catholic Climate Covenant Webinar

From Brother Daniel Salomon

We are excited to let you know about our upcoming webinar and to encourage you to start planning for Earth Day 2017! Scroll down to register for our webinar on Climate and Refugees and to sign up to receive our Earth Day Program Guide. As we prepare for the challenges ahead in 2017, we also hope you will take a few minutes on November 29th to share our Giving Tuesday campaign on social media.

Upcoming Climate Change and Migration/Refugees Webinar-REGISTER TODAY!

     “In the Footsteps of the Holy Family: Refugees
                  in an Era of Climate Change"

                       Wednesday, December 07, 2016
                      3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (Eastern Time)


This webinar will explore the impacts that climate change has on human migration and how climate change has already created climate refugees. Joining us will be Dr. Todd Scribner, Education Outreach Coordinator at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Department of Migration and Refugee Services, and Chantel Comardelle, Executive Secretary of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw tribe in Louisiana, who has first-hand experience with displacement due to climate change.

As we enter the Christmas season, we'll take our inspiration from the example of the Holy Family's flight into Egypt, and explore how we are called to care for refugees around the world and to prevent additional displacement by acting on climate change.
Save the Date! MARK YOUR CALENDAR for April 22 and plan to incorporate an Earth Day celebration into your parish or school’s spring programing.  Our Earth Day theme of, “Know the Creator Through Creation” complements the Earth Day Networks’ 2017 focus on climate literacy. The program will help your community understand how the fullness of God is reflected in all of creation and how we are responsible for safeguarding the Creator’s handiwork. The 2017 Earth Day program guide is being shaped now and will be emailed to you by mid-February if you are registered.

                          REGISTER FOR EARTH DAY GUIDE

Giving Tuesday

Please plan to support—and share with your friends—our Giving Tuesdaysocial media fundraising campaign.  Beginning this week, and continuing on to Giving Tuesday on November 29th, your gift can be worth double because of a generous sponsor who will match our Giving Tuesdaydonations up to $5,000. The next four years are likely to be challenging for those of us who strongly believe that we have a responsibility to care for God’s creation and the poor. With your support, we will re-double our efforts. Your generous gift will ensure that the Catholic voice and witness remains loud and strong. On Wednesday, November 22 – through Tuesday, November 29 please share our posts on Facebook and Twitter.  The matching donor, Liturgical Publications Inc., is matching all donations given on their special page, which is located here, or here:

Catholic Climate Covenant

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New Charitable Policy

As our council has grown, it was suggested that we needed a rewrite of the charity policy.  The Financial Officers got together before our meeting Monday Night, and suggested several changes, some of which it was deemed needed a vote.  All changes, as you can see in the minutes, passed.  The following is an image of the PDF copy of the rewrite that Worthy Grand Knight Deacon Scott wishes us all to have a copy of.  You may need to click on it to view it in your browser.

Next Meeting- Christmas Potluck!

Mark your Calendars!  Next meeting will be a Christmas Potluck Social, invite your family!  We're keeping it the same night- third Monday, December 19th, 2016, and we'll be inviting both parishes.  St. Clare Parish Hall is the location, 6pm is the time.  Bring your favorite Holiday Dish!

In addition, for members, if you bring your checkbook or paypal your $35 dues to , Phil will have your 2017 membership card ready at the Potluck, saving stamps and time to bill.

Best Advent Ever

Dynamic Catholic is once again offering one of these really holy free e-mail study programs.  Best Advent Ever starts November 27.  Click Here to Sign Up!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Meeting Notes November 21st, 2016


Roll Call of officers
Our Lord Jesus Christ Present
Grand Knight Present
Deputy Grand Knight Present
First Year Trustee Present
Second Year Trustee Present
Third Year Trustee Present
Financial Secretary Present
Treasurer Present
Recorder A
Chancellor Present
Lecturer Present
Chaplin Excused
Advocate Present
Outside Guard Absent
Inside Guard Excused
Warden Present

10 officers present, 11 brothers present

Reading of the previous Minutes- No recorder, so no minutes present

GK Remarks
Feast of Christ the King should be our Liturgical Celebration as Knights- to Go out and Be his Knights.

Treasurer's Report
$1994.81 Beginning balance
St. Clare Breakfast $409- Breakfast Stipend $235 for St. Clare's
SJF Breakfast $313- Outstanding to SJF Youth Group for $157
Paid $10 recycling fee

Financial Secretary's reports
31 members at present, 7 honorary life.  No bills outstanding for the council.  Either paypal or bring your checkbook for our next meeting December 19th at 6:00pm (dinner meeting & Christmas Party), to avoid us spending money on stamps.

For the Good of the Order
First Sunday of Advent Year A- Matthew's reading for Sunday, First Sunday of Advent.  Matthew 24:37-44
Billy Graham- The Secret of Happiness.  Seek to produce the Fruits of the Spirit in our lives.
Have more of Christ this Advent, Trust in Him.


  • Monthly Rosary For Life- very successful, still going on
  • Essay Contest- Judges named
    • Ted Seeber
    • Ken Paulsen
    • Tom Owens
    • Daniel Salomon
    • Mike O'Phelan
    • Scott Kolbet
New Business

  • Request for Dan to help reunite his family, $400 to bring his wife from Vietnam
    • Motion Carries- $400 to help reunite this immigrant family, in keeping with the mission of Fr. McGivney.
  • Charitable Policy Changes
    • We have our Unity Savings Account for dues assistance to our brothers
    • Needs of our families
    • Needs of our Parish 
    • Refer individuals to more appropriate groups first
    • Requests from our Order
    • Charities we are connected with
    • Then to the larger community, funneled through our parishes when appropriate
    • Charities to support on a yearly basis:
      • St. Andre Bessette
      • Faith Cafe in Beaverton
      • Project Rachel through Catholic Charities
      • Mother and Child Education Center
    • Motion to give $100/year to our four Charity Organizations
      • Motion carries- at least for 2017, with Annual review, we donate $100 each to the four charities listed above,
      • Suggestion to review at November Meeting every year
  • Food Boxes - Knights should be involved.  Schedule TBA on the blog
  • Christmas Masses- volunteer for Greeters, Ushers, Eucharistic Ministers; Lectors
  • Get your reports in to our GK- it is good to see what we are doing as Knights
  • Good to read your magazine
  • Next Meeting Scheduled for December 19th 6pm- Potluck
  • Pancake Breakfast in January 8th at SJF
District Deputy's Report- Visit From Dave Saunders, District Deputy #1
  • Go read the State Newsletter online!
  • I miss you guys!
  • I want to come back to District 3
  • DD believes that 15485 is in good shape.
For Sick or in Distress:
  • Deacon Casey died Sunday Morning
  • Bonnie Owens- two operations coming up
  • For Daniel's parents for their safety in Israel
  • For those affected by the Earthquake in Japan
  • For the six kids killed in a Bus Crash in Chattenoga
Meeting Adjourned 8:15