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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Leadership may be interrupted, but paperwork continues.

My brothers, even in this time of a lack of leadership, decisions must be made and paperwork must be completed.  Since we no longer have access to the monthly reports Daniel was doing, we need information, and we need information soon, about the charitable activities you are interested in, and your opinions of the leadership resources we should have available to us.  Please fill out this survey by Wednesday, January 24th, to allow Phil and Ted time to complete the Fraternal Survey, Form 1728 by the end of the month.

The survey is on SurveyMonkey, and should require no more than 15 minutes of your time.  Click on the link to fill out your survey for this year.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

On Male Spirituality

Father Longenecker wrote an interesting article today in the "other NCR", the National Catholic Register, an online-and print newspaper put out by EWTN.  In it he takes a sharp look at how men have become disengaged from their families and demotivated to participate in family and Church life.  It is very worth your time to read.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Meeting notes January 15,2018

Meeting minutes- 5 Officers Present- 1 Year Trustee, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Chancellor/Lecturer, and Warden

Grand Knight acting) remarks-

GK Daniel has resigned.  Ron and Scott are here in the next few months to assist with our council. 

Treasurer's report-  Checking account balance = $1,380.53 as of 1-15-18.

Fin. Sec. report-  six brothers dues still outstanding for 2018.

Good of the order-  Jesus calling John and James (next Sunday's reading).
Come after me,  Jesus requests,  not come follow me.  Assist with teaching after Jesus leaves.

Gov. Huckabee here in town on Jan. 21st.  Ron announces he has tickets for the Pro-Life meeting at the Red Lion Inn 2-4 pm.  Oregon Life United sponsoring the event.  Call Ron for available tickets.

Pancake Breakfast-
March 11 and June 3 for St. Clare.
Feb. 18th at SJF.  Devlin to ask SJF  about good dates for post spring vacation event.

Ron discusses Junp Start Program for our council. 
Need to discover new leadership to advance council. 

Fraternal leaders Scott Young and others to lend experience in tutoring our council.  Two membership drives at scheduled
Bob Kish to speak at ST. Clare.
SJF to have membership drive at Feb. breakfast.  A Kof C member to assist with membership drive.

Council needs a volunteer to become GK for the next 5-6 months time period.  Plan in place to reach out to recently withdrawn group member.  Goals for the group identified and will be advanced in the next few months.  "We change lives and we save lives".  Mention real life events in how we connect and support the community. 
Change in meeting night to be discussed in order to have more members available. 

Ted announced he asked Father Don for a list of possible fratenral leaders or possible new members.
Phil to ask Fr. Richard at SJF with regards to same.

Click on link to submit volunteer hours (message from Ted or Phil) when we received the email.

Scott Young spoke on his experience as GK of Tigard council and asked group to consider a two year term as council leader.  Mentioned there are many ways to serve our community.  Asked all of us to consider  what we may be good at and concentrate on such activities.  Offered suggestions as to asking help from other Catholic men.  Scott not in a position to transfer to our council as he is involved in a couple of existing council committees but willing to help and provide his experience. 

Trustees to decide who runs next meeting in February if no one volunteers to be new GK.

Ways to identify how to increase spirituality amount council members and how do we put such actions into practice were discussed. 

Fraternal Survey Due January 20.    Please fill it out. 

Next meeting Tuesday, Feb. 20th.  (changed from third Monday).

New books Perfectly yourself and Resisting Happiness now available in our library for our use.

Inspiring words from Matthew Kelly (author) mentioned as being very influential to current members.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Meeting Agenda January 15,2018

A very important meeting- if you can attend, please do so.

JANUARY 15, 2018
Fireside Room
  • 7:00pm Opening Prayer Initiation Degree Oath, Our Father, Roll Call, Reading of Previous Minutes
  • 7:05pm Grand Knight’s Grand Knight Has Resigned. Ted Seeber, 1 Year Trustee, acting for now
  • 7:10pm Treasurer’s & FS Report
  • 7:15pm For the Good of the Order
  • 7:30pm Committees
    • Pro-Life Report
    • Breakfasts Upcoming
  • 7:50 pm New Business
    • State Jump Start Program Explained
    • Need for a 6 month GK
  • 8:00 pm District Deputy/State Officers
  • 8:10pm Sick or in Distress – Hail Mary
  • 8:15pm Closing Prayer – Fatima Prayer Cards

Sunday, December 17, 2017

In this time of Advent

Reminder:  No meeting this month.  Next Meeting, January 15.

Michael Chau was very impressed with this story of an African American who has made it his mission to redeem the souls of racists, and who is having an amazing amount of success.  He asked me to post this to the blog.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Columbian Newsletter and a Request from council 678

The December State Newsletter can be read online.  It has many interesting things going on in our state.  I particularly like the columns by our State Deputy, State Chaplain, and Assistant State Chaplain.

The Grand Knight of Council 678 is asking for help this year with their Radio Cab Turkey project, they need volunteers to deliver food boxes. Contact Mike at to volunteer

Friday, December 8, 2017

SJF Essay Contest Winners Get their prizes!

First Place:  #27 Ariana Mazloomi
Second Place Tied:  #17  Luke Malnati #24  Brooks Rice
Third Place Tied:  #5  Fiona Eikenberry #19  James Miller

If you have some time I certainly suggest asking for read access to the dropbox folder and reading the essays.  I learned about Saints and saints- Canonized and living- around the world and in our community- many of which I had never heard of before.  Email to request access to all the Essay Contest materials.

Deacon Scott Awarded the prizes.  A plaque plate has been ordered to update the plaque in the 8th grade classroom at SJF.