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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mark the Date, September 10th is the St. Clare's Church Picnic

We need the following volunteers:

  • 3 people at 8:00am to unload and set up the Magicator grill.
  • 2 cooks from 11:00am to 1pm to cook
  • 1 person to be with Christopher on the Lego Church Project
  • 1 person for the Soccer Challenge
  • 3 people 1pm-3pm to clean the grill and get it reloaded
Al Tabyoyon will be delivering the grill.  Ted will bring the Propane and be one of the three for the whole time.  Mike Devlin is taking the soccer challenge (we have a variety of prizes to hand out).  So we really just need 2 more cooks/setup/cleanup and somebody to do the Lego Church Project with Christopher.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

On HR3391

As I am sure you are all aware, HR3391 has now been signed into law by Governor Kate Brown.  This 1.5% sales tax on health insurance is a cynical attack on our undocumented worker community, encouraging abortion and contraception in that community under the guise of free health care.  This new law violates several Federal statutes about using tax money to pay for abortion, and since the sales tax also affects health insurance from the Public Employees Benefits Board, will take about $25 million out of the education budget to help pay for it.

At St. Clare's the next two weekends, the Stop Taxpayer Funding for Aboriton petition will be available after all masses in the Parish Library.  There is a second petition also circulated by Oregon Right to Life, that specifically addresses the sales tax on health care issue.  As 1 Year Trustee, I urge all Knights to sign these petitions, to allow us to have the debate in Oregon on whether or not this is a reasonable use of public funds.

Ted Seeber

Agenda from our Grand Knight for Monday August 21, 2017

Ted Seeber to officiate due to Daniel being on vacation with his family for the eclipse.

1. Call To Order, Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and Roll Call of Officers (5 minutes). 
2. Daniel's Conversation With Father Don with Questions and Open Discussion on Making the Meetings more Informal (20 minutes). 
3. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting (5 minutes). 
4. Lecturer (5 minutes).
4. Old Business: Reports including Brother Phil's report from Lebanon, Upcoming Events, the Future of St. John Fisher Rosary of Life (20 minutes). 
5. New Business: Archbishop and Bishop's Call to Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortions comes to St. Clare's, Discuss Dates for Our Lady of Guadalupe Mini-Pilgrimage, Open Discussion about how to Read and Prepare for and Time Set Aside for Matthew Kelly  Discussion (20 minutes). 
6. Good of the Order (10 minutes). 
7. Closing Prayer (5 minutes). 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Request for Prayers

 Dear prayer warriors,
 Ben, the son of Eddie who used to cook at Saint Andre Bessette when the St. Francis group prepared meals there for the homeless,  has been missing for 9 days. Ben is 17 years old. Please pray for Ben's safety and rapid return home.  His father Eddie is highly distraught and requests your prayers.  Eddie lived at our home for two years when he was homeless and Ben frequently visited us. He is a fine boy.
Bonnie and Tom

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pray for Mary Smith from St. Clare's

From the SIS group:

Mary Smith had a fall yesterday. Her daughters got her to urgent care and they were able to give her 10 stitches above the left eye and found a broken bone in her left pinkie.  In a few days she will get a cast on her left arm.  (darn it--- she's also left handed.)  She would so appreciate kind and gentle prayers for speedy healing .  Blessings to all the SIS  group!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A letter from Brother Tom

August 5, 2017

Dear family and friends,

Here is a note to update you on our recent happenings. As many of you know, Bonnie and I planned to put our house up for sale in August. We moved from a 4 bedroom home where we lived for 44 years into a small 2 bedroom apartment on July 1st. Our new address is 12505 SW North Dakota St., Apt 808, Tigard, OR 97223.Our apartment is great and only 3 blocks away from the house we lived in. That has make our transition much easier but we are still packing and unpacking a few boxes etc. daily.
On Tuesday afternoon, July 14, Bonnie tripped and fell while walking around in our house. She had been working with a lady from NW Organizers in decluttering. She hit her foot against a box or the corner of the wall falling hard to the floor on her left side.We called 911 and they took her to the emergency room at St. Vincent’s hospital for examination and treatment. She has a broken vertebrae in her neck and patella in her left knee, a dislocated little finger on her left hand (she is left handed so that adds to the complication), and pain in her other knee. Doctors put her in a brace for her neck and knee and gave her pain medication. She stayed in the hospital until the Friday the 21st when she was transferred to Maryville Nursing and Convalescent Center in Beaverton. She got PT and OT there and was released to come back home to our apartment yesterday. She will need to keep both braces on for about another 5 weeks. Please keep us in your prayers.
Bonnie had me and a steady parade of visitors, nurses, therapists and doctors coming daily. The treatment at Maryville was outstanding and we were blessed to be able to have her get in there. I have also been blessed with the help of my nephew, Michael Chau, and friends who have been so kind as to provide some meals for me. With the 3+ days of over 100 degrees this week we were fortunate to get 2 air conditioners installed before she came back to our apartment.
If you wish you can contact Bonnie any day on her cell phone 503.789.7313. She would be happy to hear from you.
Thanks for your continued love and prayers.

Tom & Bonnie

Sunday, August 6, 2017