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Monday, September 21, 2015

Meeting Notes 9/21/2015

John Clare Council #15485
 Meeting Minutes September 21, 2015

 St. Clare Fireside Room

7:00pm Call to Order,
Warden’s Report,
Prayer ; Pledge of Allegiance,
Roll Call of Officers,
Chaplain’s Message,
 of Minutes

  1. Officers here:  Chaplain, present.  Grand Knight, Present.  Deputy Grand Knight Present. Chancellor Present, Financial Secretary Excused, Recorder excused, Treasurer Present. Lecturer Present, Advocate Excused, Warden Presne, Inside Guard Excused, Three year present, two year trustee present, One year Excused. Outside Guard Present.
  2. 9 brothers present, 9 officers present
  3. Chaplain's message- Rosary. spending time with our Lord Jesus Christ. We are intercessors like Mary, in Charity, Prayer, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism.  We are challenged to bring Christ into the world.
7:10pm Grand Knight’s Remarks

  1. Picnic Success-  Wonderful turnout, 400 served at St. Clares, 250 served at SJF.  We worked well together.  
  2. Upcoming events - November 29 Breakfast.  
  3. brochures available- Take some to keep in the glove compartment of your car- to keep
  4. Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine at the Grotto update - Call for volunteers will be on the blog
  5. Activity Reports- Please Report to the GK any activity you do- it all counts in the new activity system with the State Council
7:15pm Treasurer’s Report - $260+ in, $500 out to Guadalupe Project.  $1356.81 in checking, Unity $541, Charity $40
7:20pm Financial Secretary’s Report- 19 associate 12 insurance $3.18 for supplies.  Dues dismissed for 7 members and membership cards were sent.  Form 185 report, Form 365 Received.  Audit form Received.  Nametags.
7:20pm For the Good of the Order

  1. Lecturer- Feast day of St. Matthew.  Call to sinners.  We are all called to Follow, despite our Doubt.
7:30pmConfirm Committees
Life(Mother’s Day flower, baby bottle drive, report on current events)

  1. Advent Baby Bottle Drive at St. Clare's- Ted to get in touch with M&C to reserve bottles.
Membership / Admission(Prospects, Invitations, Stock vestibules)

  1. October 10-11 Church Drive St. Clare's
Family / Community(Picnic, Breakfasts, Movie Night, Easter Egg hunt)

  1. Next Movie UP!  Focus on multigenerational.  Millie Dover asked to give a talk about marriage a few minutes into the movie, after the death of the character of Elle, which is part of Carl's backstory.  Information on joining Knights will be available, with a concentration on family.
7:40pm New Business
November 29 Breakfast

  1. Michael Chau - chairman.  Ken shopping.  Ted will provide documentation for previous years.   
Essay Contest

  1. Deacon Scott and Ted- three winners from each school.  Motion for Plaque passed.  Motion for $50 prize for each winner. 

  • Inserted:  Moving Knights meeting to third Thursdays to encourage Royal Rosarian members to call.  Motion to move meeting to 7pm on 3rd Thursday  Motion passed.  Next Meeting will be October 15th, 7pm, place to be determined.

Church Drive

  1. October 11-12, need 3 volunteers for each Mass at St. Clare's.  email to volunteer.  

  • Offer to help Fr. Stobie- get more members, get our name in the bulletin more often.  Get ourselves on both church websites.  More visibility for the Knights.
  • St. John Fischer helps at the Faith Cafe in Beaverton.  October 18th and December 6th.  

Advent Men's Year of Mercy retreat

  1. Forgiveness and Reconciliation.  Have other groups involved through the Pastoral Council.  Reading ahead on Forgiveness.  A homily on Forgiveness and Mercy that weekend by Deacon Bill.  Will come up with a structure for next meeting on October 15th 

  • Tom Owens and Michael Chau Pulmonary Hypertension Group with James Michael Morgan, volunteer work this Friday
  • Transplant House as well- all good for Activity Points.  
7:45pm District Deputy/State Officers

  1. DD Dave Saunders- We have two districts, District 3 is doing great.  Been a real interesting time with District 1.  Kudos to District 3.    Membership.  Twilight Zone adventure.  2008 Odessey.   Took it in Friday for an oil change, container of cleaner had spilled- all of the floorboard rusting away.  Less than 58,000 miles.  Ended up with a new car.  
  2. Polinus Vuoche has been admitted to PSU
7:50pm Sick or in Distress – Our Father & Hail Mary

  1. Phil Jarvis
  2. 3 friends of Brother James Morgan.  
  3. DD Dave Saunders
8:09pm closing prayer

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