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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Congradulations to new officers

Most of our officer list stayed the same, but Monday Night we elected the following four new officers:
GK- Daniel Salomon
3 Year Trustee - Marc Gregoire (Ken and Ted move to 2-Year and 1-Year respectively)
Advocate- James Hatch
Inside Guard- Evan Crader

Congratulations to these, and we request everybody's presence at 6:30 on July 17 for the Officer Installation before our standard business meeting.

Junque and Jewels Tear Down

As usual, Sunday at the Junque and Jewels Sale is $5 shopping bag day- everything you can fit in a shopping bag for $5.  Bring the family, stay until 3pm, and then volunteer for cleanup- where you might even find an extra Jewel or 2 as you are moving tables after the cashboxes are closed.  We need lots of men to move tables, so bring your families and come if you can.

Men's Conference Tickets

Click here to get your tickets for the Men's Conference October 20-21 in Mt. Angel- $53.74 per person.  Our Council will be organizing carpools from St. Clare's and St. John Fisher.

Monday, June 12, 2017

From Theresa Duda- Junque and Jewels Announcement

Thanks for volunteering to help set up for J&J. We will start at 0800 on Saturday the 17th. We will be moving tables, putting up shelves and signage, and generally getting things ready to go. 

If you aren't into heavy lifting, that's OK. Rest assured we have all sorts of jobs.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

St. Clare Junque and Jewels Sale Coming

We are off the hook for putting down the floor, but they would like help setting up the tables, Saturday June 17, 9 am.  We have a family who owns a large horse trailer this year willing to haul tables, so it should be a quick and enjoyable setup with only one load of tables coming down from the storage garage.

Also teardown, Sunday June 25th at 3pm.

Remember, each person who volunteers at least 4 hours setting up this event, or signs up to volunteer for a total of 4 hours, will get a ticket to the infamous volunteer's pre-sale on Thursday, June 22nd.

Finally, our meeting is coming up Monday, June 19th.