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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Update on Easter Egg Hunt at St. Clare's

From Deacon Bill, a few changes to the ask for volunteers, nothing we can't handle.  Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday are the two biggest needs.  Contact Ted Seeber,, if you can volunteer

There will be an issue because of the larger than usual crowd for Easter Liturgies - the both gates will be open on Freeman Street for additional parking. As a result I think we need to move the area for the hunt to the far end of the school yard. Also we would need a member of the Knights to regulate traffic so children will be safe crossing Freeman Street. Not a big issue but a safety issue none the less.  -- Ted says, I'd like 2 men for this duty, approximately 9:30am-10:30 am on Easter Sunday, for this

Last year Mary Pat said we placed out 1,000 eggs. We have the plastic eggs I am hoping for enough goodies to insert in the eggs. If not I will purchase by April 8th.

I will have 3 long tables set up in the parish hall on April 8th. The Knights will man the tables and recruit volunteers to help fill the eggs on Sunday April 9th between Masses.  -- Ted says I can do this, but would like one other volunteer.  Christopher can ask families to come join us.  9:30am-10:45 am, depending on number of volunteers, Palm Sunday

Ted has said that we will set up the various areas in the school yard with poles and tape which we have on Saturday April 8th before the Easter Vigil. 4 areas ages 0-3, 4-6. 7-9, and 10 and up. -- Ted Says More hands will make faster work, we will meet at 7:00pm to do this Holy Saturday

On Easter Sunday we will set up the eggs in the school yard starting at 7:45 am. The breakdown is ages 0-3 (200 eggs) 4-6 (300 eggs), 7-9 (300 eggs) 10 and up (200 eggs). This was the breakdown from last year and it worked out fine. Mary Part suggested that the person(s) who is overseeing the specific groups hold on to about 30 eggs so there are no unnecessary tears.
I am hoping to have maybe two volunteers to oversee each of the 4 groups.

Mass may run a little later than usual because of the crowd at Easter but I give you permission to leave after communion so we can be ready to go when Mass breaks.

I believe we will be able to wrap the hunt up by 10:30 as families will gravitate to coffee and donuts.
We will need that person directing traffic to remain until all the children and families are out of the area.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Founder's Day announcement from The Father McGivney Guild

Dear Brother Knight,
On March 29, 1882, the Knights of Columbus received official recognition as a fraternal benefit society. Now, 135 years later, the Knights of Columbus remembers the lasting impact its founder, Venerable Father Michael McGivney, has made on countless men, women and children helped by the Order. 
Today, as we remember Father McGivney's legacy with Founder's Day celebrations throughout the world, we invite you to join the Father Michael J. McGivney Guild.
The intentions of guild members are included in weekly Masses, periodic special Masses and novenas. Members also receive a regular newsletter and more.
To join the guild, visit

Knights of Columbus • 1 Columbus Plaza • New Haven, CT 06510 • 203-752-4000
Stay connected with Knights of Columbus:

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Give Pia a nap

I notice on the Adoration schedule, Pia and Gary are taking the second position from 11pm-4am.  They're sacrificing so that we can have 24 hours of Adoration at St. Clare's.  If it is at all possible in your schedule and your life, I urge you as a Knight to take an hour of watch with the Lord- and give them a break.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Request for volunteers- Adoration

If you are awake in the wee hours of the morning anyway, Pia at St. Clare's has specifically requested volunteers to help with our 24 hour adoration.  Spend an hour or two with the Lord between 11pm-8am.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Note from Tom Owens- requested donation for tomorrow night

If any of you have a used guitar or sleeping bag you are willing to donate to Dan Mac's family (whom we have helped recently) please bring it to the Monday evening meeting. Dan has 2 teenagers going on a youth retreat the following weekend at Lincoln City and they could use the sleeping bags.See you Monday evening at our monthly meeting.
Tom Owens

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A message every man needs to hear

The State Deputy and the representative from Supreme wants as many men as possible to watch this video (click through if you're reading this on e-mail):

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Excellent year to get state raffle tickets!

The following message from PSD Bob Kish indicates sales are low- what a year to buy tickets!  If sales are low, your chances of winning are much improved.  So go to the website- and let's get those sales numbers up.  Link below.
To date, our Charity Raffle ticket sales have been very low...overwhelming low!
Many of you told me how great an idea, "the electronic ticket sales would be", yet only a handful have actually gone online to purchase tickets. Not sure what everyone is waiting for? Only 7 weeks to the Convention Brothers.
I suspect that sales are down because many of our members still do not know about the new "on-line" method? It can’t get any need to write a check, no envelopes and no stamp! Just go to the Charities web-site and purchase as many tickets as you want with your credit card...YES...its that easy.
I have been counting on the State Officers, Directors, Chairman, District Deputies, Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries to get the word out to the Council Membership. IS THIS HAPPENING? The saddest news of all...ticket sales from any of the Officers I just listed are virtually nil! Come on Brothers!
I have attached the Raffle Flyer again, so you can post it and/or email it to your membership. Please don't wait until the April membership meeting to inform it now so they have time to react.
Please help us get the word our around the State...the Charities we support are counting on us Brothers.
God Bless And Thanks For All You Do,
Bob Kish
Oregon Knights of Columbus
Immediate Past State Deputy
Oregon State KofC Charities President
New Council Development Chairman

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Meeting March 20

Come help us decide how to spend a surprise anonymous donation!  Also, it's Lent, have you made your 40 Cans for Lent Donation to St Vincent De Paul?  Let's leave a pile of cans after the meeting in the SVDP chapter room!  All this and much, much more!  Monday, March 20, 2017 at 7:00pm in the fireside room at St. Clare's

Time to report your February hours, Due March 15

Dear Brother Knights,
  Please remember to submit your hours to me.  You can use the form that Ted has set up or email a list of what you have done, ideally sorted under the columns of Community, Life, Youth, Church/Vocations, Council and Family.

  May God bless you. 

Deacon Scott

Monday, March 6, 2017

Request for prayers for the Repose of the Soul of mother of State Deputy

Dorothy Marie Schmitz, Mother of State Deputy Sid Thiel, was born on July 1, 1922, to Hubert and Mary Rezab Schmitz, the fourth of six children.  She died on March 3, 2017, at the Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd.  Prayer service will be at 7:00 at St. John's Catholic Church in New Rockford, ND, on ThursdayMarch 9th, preceded by Rosary at 6:30.  The funeral will be at 10:30 at St. John's Catholic Church in New Rockford, ND, on FridayMarch 10th.  Interment will be at the Union Cemetery in Mandan, ND, at 11:00 on SaturdayMarch 11th.  Prayers are requested for the repose of Dorothy's soul and for Sid & his family.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Catholic Date Night: Your Family Fully Alive!

Still time to register!  I just received word that childcare WILL be available at this Archdiocese-supported event:
We are happy to announce that Limited Childcare is available.  If you are interested and have a child 18months - 12 years old who you would like to drop off, please email Betsy at with your child(s) name, DOB, and any other important information.  Forms will need to be filled out the day of at check in.
Please help us spread the word about this great opportunity to strengthen your marriage.  Registration online here: