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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Guadalupe Shrine at the Grotto update

Here's the latest on the Grotto Shrine project....
PS - I'm not sure if the images can be posted here.

All my brother Knights.

Planned work party for Our lady of Guadalupe, all are welcomed

Please pass the word  to your councils that if there is any one that would like to help out. We really could use the help. The more volunteer labor we can get, the less we need to raise.
We are having 2 work parties coming up that I really could use some help.

Oct 3 & Oct 10 (this Saturday and next) I need to move 12 yards of grave to the shrine site to fill in the foundation / walk ways.  Also need to remove some dirt around the shrine to get ready for the walk ways that will be going in very soon.
Bring shovels and wheel barrels if you have them.

I have attached some picture of the shrine as of Sept 28, 2015 to keep you in the loop.  
Also attached direction to get to the parking area for the guys that would like to volunteer
Any questions let me know.
God Bless
Doug Klein
Cell 503-703-1622








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