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Sunday, September 27, 2015


This Morning after mass, Deacon Scott told me that the men's club is no longer hosting breakfasts at St. J.F. and that we may offer pancake breakfasts.  He confirmed this with the following email:

Hi Ken,
  As I said, we have permission for the pancake breakfasts.  I would love to see the Knights have 3 breakfasts a year (fall, spring and summer).

Merrit Holub (school principal) said it is fine to use the cafeteria.  She wanted to be aware of the following dates:
  • Oct 25th (Halloween Carnival the night before)
  • Nov 8th (Auction is night before)
  • Nov 29th (Thanksgiving weekend)
  • Jan 17th (MLK Day is the next day so I would worry about turn out)
  • Jan 31st (Men's Club Bingo the night before and Kindergarten Round Up that day)

I would suggest either Oct. 17, Nov. 1 or Nov. 15 for the fall.

God bless.

I think this is a great opportunity for us.  - Both for fundraising and recruiting - as well as strengthening our presence at St. J.F.  We currently are planning a breakfast at St. Clare for Nov. 29.  I'd prefer to avoid the Nov. 1 date as it is the day after Halloween and kids want to get home to their candy - or are too full to eat pancakes.  October 18 is two days after our next business meeting - and that could work.  Nov. 15 could work but it's only 2 weeks ahead of our St. Clare breakfast.  (Is that enough of a break?)  Please let me know your preferences / thoughts.  I believe that if this is properly promoted, we can make it successful.

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