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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Funeral services for Lou Ebling


The Rosary for Brother Lou Ebling will be on Sunday July 10th at 3:00PM at Young's Funeral Home 11831 SW Pacific Hwy in Tigard. There is a notice on their web page and you can write a note to the family if you wish.    

The Mass for Lou will be at St Anthony on Monday July 11th at 11:00 AM with a reception to follow.

Please put these dates on your calendar and try to be there for a fine Knight and his family.

Scott Young
Grand Knight
Our Lady of the Valley Council 3591

Thursday, June 16, 2016

IMPORTANT K/C MEETING June 20 - St. Clare Fireside Rm.

Meeting Agenda for June 20, 2016

John Clare Council #15485
Meeting Agenda
June 20, 2016
St. Clare Fireside Room

     6:30pm Council Chambers opened by Ted Seeber
     7:00pm Call to Order
Warden’s Report,
Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance,
Roll Call of Officers,
Chaplain’s Message
Reading of Minutes
     7:10pm             Grand Knight’s Remarks
     7:15pm             Treasurer’s Report
     7:20pm             Financial Secretary’s Report 
     7:25pm             For the Good of the Order
     7:30pm             Community Committee
     7:35pm New Business
      Election of  2016-2017 officers. 
   Pastoral Council Meeting Report - State of affaires at St. Clare – Ted Seeber
      Storage of Council property
      Calandar of events – breakfasts, K/C activities etc.
   Upcoming events – St. Clare Picnic – Sept 11.  We may be cooking….
   Junque & Jewells– June 15-17 – Volunteers needed
     7:45pm             District Deputy/State Officers
     7:50pm             Sick or in Distress
     8:00pm             Closing Prayer

Important upcoming dates

Thursday, June 16, 6pm, St. Clare's - put down floor for Junque and Jewells
Friday, June 17, 6pm, St. Clare's - put down tables for Junque and Jewells (Trucks needed)
Monday, June 20, 7pm, St. Clare's Fireside Room- Officer Elections Meeting.  Be there!  Have a say in the leadership of our council.
Sunday, June 26, 3pm, St. Clare's- clean up tables from Junque and Jewells. (Trucks Needed)

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Monday, June 13, 2016

The Jubilee Year of Mercy Mass for People with Disabilities

At the international Mass, The pope had a homily that also should not be missed.

However, more locally, we had quite the celebration- and at St. Rose's parish in Northeast Portland, 15485 was well represented in attendance, organization, and participation in the Mass.

Ted's Son Christopher got interviewed by Catholic Sentinel for his habit of drawing art during Mass.

There was sign language interpretation for the deaf
Thanks to PGK Ted Seeber, we arranged for a 4th Degree Honor Guard for Bishop Steiner
Yep, that's Hank Hess, Charter GK of Holy Cross Council
And our dear Warden Michael Chau, even if you can only see the back of his head, was an altar server along with two other intelectually disabled people.

Our newest Third Degree, Daniel Saloman, got to play the role of Christ in the Gospel re-enactment.

 There will be better pictures in the Sentineel, eventually.

 Bishop Steiner told us he graduated from St. Rose- over 65 years ago.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Junque and Jewels Reminders

The three specific times they've asked for help from the Knights and the Men's Basketball club are:
June 16 at 6:00pm- set down the floor in the Gym
June 17 at 6:00pm- Need TRUCKS! Bring heavy tables down from the Shed and finish setting them up.
June 26 at 3:00pm- Need TRUCKS! Take the heavy tables back up to the Shed.

Remember, many hands make for light work! Volunteer any hours you can, please, and let's make this 25th Annual Junque and Jewells sale a big success!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Need a leader for setting up for Junque and Jewells Setup June 17

Ted Writes: Shannon reminds me we have a family birthday the night of the 17th. Could somebody who is good with maps and who isn't already planning on driving a truck please take leadership of the Junque and Jewells setup that evening?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Junque and Jewells setup at St. Clare's

Because it has been a couple of weeks, and because I am getting questions about it, here are the dates and times for Junque and Jewells that Knights and the Men's Basketball Group are requested to volunteer for. Of course, you can volunteer for more, but these are the times we are specifically needed for setup and teardown: June 16, 6pm-8pm (should be plenty of time to get the floor down) June 17, 6pm-9pm (will need Trucks to get tables and bookcases down from the shed) June 26, 3pm (Trucks need to return to help with cleanup and moving tables back up to the shed) Remember, many hands make for light work, and in addition, 4 hours of volunteering gets you a ticket for the early bird sale on Thursday, June 23.