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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Year End Awards

For participating in more events than anybody else this year, and for his involvement with Special Olympics, our Knight of the Year is Our Worthy Warden, Michael Chau. Here are a few pictures from the potluck of him receiving his award and jacket.

For their great work making our breakfasts better and rescuing the Easter Egg Hunt, the last of which we got an award from Supreme for, and for Judy letting Jim step in to go to the State Convention last year, the Family of the Year is Jim and Judy Van Domelen.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

As Prophets have foretold: A young child's view on St. John the Bapitst

A long time ago, in Ireland, a young child was taped for a TV show retelling the story of John the Baptist. The video is long since lost, only the audio remains- but somebody has created this cute animated short. As our theme for the season at St. Clare's is "As Prophets Have Foretold" and, being Year A in the lectionary, we've been hearing a lot about John the Baptist from St. Matthew, I thought I'd post this early 1960s Irish child's view of the subject.

St. John Fisher Atrium Progject

Catching up on my paperwork, I noticed I never posted this report on the St. John Fisher Atrium Project: Way back on October 26, 2013, Ken Paulsen sent this picture and the following report: Thanks again, Phil Jarvis, Marc Gregoire and Mike Devlin for your hard work and generous charity in the St. John Fisher Atrium project this morning. We were able to wrap things up fairly quickly this morning. Both Jim VanDomelen and Polinus had their hearts in the right place, but were just a little bit too late - but they were ready to help out. We were finishing off the donuts that Fr. Richard provided fairly early this morning after sweeping up our mess. Thanks everyone!