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Monday, September 14, 2015

St. Clare Parish Picnic

It was great to see the turnout of several hundred people for the St. Clare Parish Picnic.

PGK Ted Seeber organized the several K/C Brothers who provided exceptional service, helping to make the event a huge success.

Brother Ted, together with Brothers Michael Chau, Mike Devlin, Don Mey, Mike Morgan, Tom Owens, Polinus Vuoche and I,  manned the grills and helped food service - cooking over 350 burgers / cheeseburgers and hundreds of hotdogs at a pace that kept the guests happy.  We received several compliments and "Thanks" from many of those served.  I was proud of the organization and teamwork that reminded me of a well oiled machine.  Thank you Ted for your well thought out preparation and organization.

I did not attend the second shift - involving the showing of the movie "Mulan" for the September Movie night.  But I hope Ted will post his report here.

Ted's Report:  Few families stayed for the movie.  We started out with 9 kids watching, including Christopher, but many of the girls had their own family honor to attend to in the form of CYO Volleyball practice, so just as the movie got to the battle scenes, As this was part of the day's activities at St. Clare's, we did not take up a collection this time.

I am hopeful that our work at the St. John Fisher Picnic next weekend will be just as productive - albeit in a slightly different capacity - as we'll be more involved in the serving end and not the cooking activities.  Brother Phil Jarvis is heading up that effort.  You may contact him at 971-227-6409 to volunteer your help.

Thanks and God Bless, 
Ken Paulsen GK     

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