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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SVDP needs help

From Tim Crimmins:

Jeanne Donaldson has announced her retirement from St. Clare SVDP. She will be staying with us through the end of the year. I want to start by thanking Jeanne for all that she has done for the community. Jeanne has many roles within our organization and she leaves big shoes to fill. I’ve attached a list of Jeanne’s jobs and I want to ask everyone to take a hard look at them and identify areas where you may be able to help out. There are lots of opportunities for people who are not able to be on call but who still want to help out. The critical areas of need are food purchasing roles which need to be filled ASAP. It would also be great if someone could apprentice under Jean as the turkey/ham coordinator this Christmas. Please let me know where you are able to help out.

Jobs to fill, beginning now or in January 2015: (can be filled by different individuals)

From Jeanne:

1. Purchase fridge food (weekly): Check the fridge for eggs, margarine, apples, potatoes, frozen OJ. (Hot dogs or ground turkey “chubs” can also be purchased there if you feel they are needed). Restock at Winco. You can get a check from the treasurer, buy a Winco gift card and use it, replace as needed. Save grocery receipts to submit to treasurer monthly.

2. Purchase at Grocers Outlet: As needed (monthly?), buy 2 kinds of rice, beans in bags, canned fruits and veggies. Same reimbursement process as above, and save purchase receipts.

3.Maintain on­call schedule: Copy the new on­call schedule onto a monthly calendar every 2 months (names on the appropriate dates). Email to our volunteers. Put a Master list of the same into the St Clare SVDP box.

4. On ­call: someone to fill my day on the calendar beginning in January.

Please contact Jeanne directly at

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