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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Christ in the Womb October 5, 2014/The Word Made Flesh October 3-4, 2015

October 5 Bulletin
The Word was made Flesh . . . Following Baby Jesus in the womb
29 Weeks
Baby weighs about 2 ¼ pounds. Crown-to-rump length is almost 10 ½ inches. Total Baby length is 16 ½ inches. A couple of interesting factors about birth weight have been identified: Boys weigh more than girls. Birth weight of an infant increases with additional pregnancies or number of babies delivered. These are general statements and don’t apply to everyone, but they consistently reflect birth trends. The average Baby’s birth weight at full term is 7 to 7 ½ pounds.
Baby’s approximate due date: December 25, 2014


Psalm 127 tells us that children are a blessing. Our little girl is up to about 2¼ pounds. She's growing fast- but not as fast as Our Lord did at this stage; already the differences between boys and girls are beginning by 29 weeks; boy babies grow faster in the womb. Her due date is the Birthday of Our Lord, December 25, 2015

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