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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A win and a loss

The open house was not a success, the only people to come were my family and the 8th Grade Language Arts teacher from St. Clare's, so no recruits, and unless I hear about recruits, instead of a first degree I'll want to do a technical review of the 1st degree with Ken and Phil. If we do get a candidate, I would request that the sponsor take on the role of Chancellor in the degree.

But on the plus side- we have 18 Essay Contest Entries! Essays will be scanned in and e-mailed to judges, save for the judge who requested paper, and I'll give them to him Sunday. From what I have read so far, I'm excited about the quality of essays we have received.

Next contest is coming- Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest. We'll discuss that at the meeting, but I'd like to make it wide open, not just St. Clare's school but also St. John Fisher School, the RE kids, children at St. Elizabeth Hungary, and anybody else you can think of. Officially open for ages 5 to 14.

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