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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

#Synod14 – In Which Justice & Mercy Try Dating for a Bit

I was going to put this link on my personal blog, but I think we at St. Clare's, St. John Fisher, and St. Elizabeth of Hungary are struggling with the balance between Mercy and Justice right now.  Or at least I know that I am, as Grand Knight of our little Council.

#Synod14 – In Which Justice & Mercy Try Dating for a Bit:

Mercy never comes in the form of a lie.  Mercy brings the truth, the whole tragic, hopeful, glorious truth.  It’s not mercy to tell you that your sins aren’t sins.  It’s mercy to tell you that yes, your sins are killing you and taking others down in the process, but look: There is hope.  Divine hope.  Eternal hope.  You don’t have to be a slave to this. You don’t have to be condemned.

Divine justice doesn’t seek condemnation, it seeks reparation: How can I make whole what has been broken? How can I save this one who is so very close to being eternally lost?

Forgiveness starts with repentance and truth.  The Forgiveness of Christ is the process by which Divine Justice and Divine Mercy meet.  Let us, as Knights, committed to the Holy Virtue of Charity, be generous with our forgiveness and use it to diffuse the anger that comes from being too just or too merciful.

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