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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Liturgy Workshop

Dear Ministry Volunteers:

On Saturday, October 25, Fr. Steve and the Liturgy Commission would like to invite you to a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the liturgy and be able to have your questions answered regarding the what, why and how of Liturgy. We invite you to the Liturgy Workshop entitled: “The Hour that Never Passes”. It will run from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. A light breakfast will be served from 8:30 am.

This workshop is the culmination of our adult faith formation series on the Mass which has been going on for several weeks through the bulletin inserts on the Parts of the Mass.

In this Workshop too, Fr. Steve will take us to the church and walk us through the Mass so that we can understand the connections of each part of the Mass but also the proper disposition and actions needed to welcome and promote the Mystery into which we enter in the Eucharist.

What songs do we sing? Who prays during the Eucharistic Prayer? How do we proclaim the Word? What does Prayer of the Faithful mean? How do our gestures and positions signify the unity that the Lord asks us to have? Why and how do I need to hold the cup reverently? What do the silent moments mean in the Mass?

These are just some questions that this workshop may answer for you so that when we gather again for the Liturgy, we are able to participate with full consciousness, intentionally and actively.

We strongly recommend that you take some time to learn more about the source and summit of our Catholic life.

Here is a little testimonial from Tim Crimmins, Pastoral Council co-liaison for Liturgy Commission and Chair of St. Vincent de Paul:

“The liturgy workshop in 2013 was very valuable to me as a Catholic. I had always taken part in the Eucharistic prayer as an observer, listening but not following. After attending the workshop, I felt like I was a participant in this vital part of our Catholic mass. I encourage everyone to attend in 2014.”

For logistical purposes (materials and refreshments) please register by responding to this email or send an email to Pia.


Pia de Leon
Pastoral Associate
St. Clare Catholic Church
503-244-1037, ext 103

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