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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 20 Meeting Minutes

John Clare Council Meeting Minutes, 10-20-2014
Roll Call of Officers
Our Lord Jesus Christ – Present
Grand Knight Seeber, Theodore M Present
Financial Secretary Jarvis, Philip A Present
Deputy Grand Knight Paulsen, Kenneth A Present
Chancellor Vuoche, Polinus N Excused
Recorder Van Domelen, James L Excused
Treasurer Devlin, Michael Present
Advocate Gregoire, Marc R Excused
Warden Chau, Michael H Present
Inside Guard Ward, Ivan D Excused
Outside Guard Codd, Dennis M Excused
One Year Trustee Morgan, James M Present
Two Year Trustee Creegan, John T Absent
Three Year Trustee Owens, Thomas R Present
Lecturer O'Phelan, Michael J Present
8 Officers Present. 8 Members were present.
Meeting was opened with the Our Father and Pledge of Allegiance
The previous meeting's minutes were not available due to the Grand Knight forgetting to print them out. They are on the blog here
Grand Knight’s Report:
• Icon of the Immaculate Conception will be coming to St. Clare’s November 3-9, 2014. Prayer service will be November 4, 2014, 6:00pm-7:30pm. In keeping with Pia’s adult education calendar, Mary as the Queen of Disciples will be stressed. We have prayer books and prayer cards. Icon will be at St. Clare's November 3rd-9th
• Liturgical Workshop is on Saturday, October 25, 9am-12pm. If we were going to display the Eucharistic Miracles, we would need to keep the gym warm, we would need more time for advertising, and we'd need a team of men to put down and take up the floor covering. We would only be able to open for 4 hours, between noon-4pm. This seemed too much work for such a short time, so the vote was no-go for now, Ted Seeber to bring this up again to the Pastoral council for a date in the future.
• Nobody showed up to the Open house on Wednesday October 15, so there was no 1st Degree held tonight. Phil and I conducted a technology review, and the new methodology looks promising.
Treasurer’s Report
• Checking $1395.06
• Unity: $543.60
• Charity: $40.00
• One voucher paid to Supreme $32.63, one to St. Vincent De Paul for $500, one to St. Clare's for $50. Financial Secretary Report:
New Bill from Supreme indicated 35 members and $32.53 owing for supplies. Voucher has been issued, and as we heard from Treasurer above, paid.

Worthy Lecturer Michael O'Phelan gave a talk on the Lilies of the Field Gospel, stressing that the only thing we can really control is the present.

Community Committees (heads of committees are absent, so Grand Knight gave a report):
• Next KofC Sunday Breakfast will be November 30, pastoral council wishes for us to bring back the Baby Bottle Drive at this time for Advent.
• Liturgy workshop October 25, 9am-noon. Liturgical and music ministers are asked to attend. Please RSVP to Pia Youth Committee
18 Essays were turned in for the contest, judges have copies
New Business
• Tom Owens asked for volunteers for St. Francis Dining Hall, you can go to that link for more information.
No State Officers were present
Sick or in Distress:
For Kevin Hagan. For the repose of the soul of Mike O'Phelan's sister-in-law. For Bonnie Owens. For all the victims of the Ebola virus
Meeting was Adjourned at 8:00pm with the a Hail Mary for all the people mentioned Sick or in Distress
Meeting notes submitted by James Michael Morgan.

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