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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ted Forgot- taking notes and participating is hard.

There were two things I wanted to mention last night as a Trustee, and failed to, so I'm adding them to the blog.

The first is that by our bylaws, while as our new Grand Knight said, we are defenders of the faith, partisan politics is banned in our council meetings.  This election year is growing quite contentious, and we need a safe place to come together as men away from partisan politics.  I have asked our new Advocate to be strict with this rule during this election season.

Second is name badges.  For the sake of our new Pastor at St. Clare's learning everybody's names, and for the sake of recruitment, please wear your name badges to church.  I would especially like to see name badges on as many Knights as possible for our upcoming events on Sunday, July 24th, whether you plan to attend the 8:30am installation of Fr. Don at St. Clare's, or are working at the Pancake Breakfast at St. John Fisher, wear your badge!  Be visible as a Knight.

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  1. Hi Ted, I've noticed some blog posts show they're coming from me, while being posted by others. Can you correct this? This one is ok I think.
    Secondly, on this topic, I haven't made any political statements as it appears neither candidate will be an ideal choice.
    Of course, as Catholics, we promote pro-life causes, and that includes a wide spectrum. However, some issues involve ending millions of lives annually, while others merely dozens and so there is a recognized hierarchy of importance in the Catholic Church.