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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Successful St. John Fisher Breakfast

We grossed $314.50 and netted $168.50.   SJF Youth Group's share is $84.25.

James Michael Morgan Took Pictures

Notes From Breakfast Captain Ken Paulsen:
 The twin Weber boys (Michael & ? who belong to Mary Jane) did an excellent job on pancakes.  Margaret and Mary and Holly were great servers.  I don't know their last names, but Holly is from Our Lady of the Lake.  Mary also prepared the fruit dishes while Margaret set tables.  Early on, we were assisted by Michael & ? - two young men who helped us set up.  I think there were 7 youth who helped us - and they did a lot of work!
Of course, thanks goes too to Deacon Scott who was the first to show up and the last to leave.  But he knows where everything is and goes - Still we need to take some more of the load off him.  Mike Devlin was the eggman and did an excellent job, Paul Pompili managed the pancakes and greeting customers as the pancake man.  James Morgan orchestrated table preparation and cleaning.  Marc Gregoire prepared and organized all beverages.  Michael Chau, Ted Seeber with son Christopher took on some serving and clean up jobs.  And of course Phil Jarvis took care of the money after helping with setup.  I hope that's everyone.... 
We had some left over supplies - the youth group will use the 4 dozen eggs on their retreat Thursday according to Mary Jane.  We divided up some beverages at the end of clean up.  I put the butter back in my freezer - hopefully it will be good for our next breakfast.  We were long on sausages (about 50) and have lots of paper towels.  So I'll try to balance things out a bit better next time.  Based on plate count, we served 99 people.  (62 + 37).  I think we need a second cast iron skillet even though Mike kept ahead of the crowd with the eggs.  But that's hard to do. 

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