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Monday, July 18, 2016

Meeting Notes 7-18-2016

Meeting Called to Order at 7pm
Installation - State Treasuer Ron Boyce
Warden's Report, everyone has their cards.
Roll Call
OLJC- Present
GK - Present
FS- Present
DGK - Present
Chan- Absent
Recorder- Excused
Treasurer- Present
Advocate- Present
Warden- Present
IG- Present
OG- Present
T1- Present
T2- Present
T3- Present
Lecturer- Absent
Chaplain- Excused
11 officers present, 14 members present, State Tresurer Ron Boyce Present.
Approval of minutes- any corrections?  Approved as read
GK Remarks - I was not a knight a year ago- so quick rise, I will be a benevolent leader.  Vision for our Knights- we are men of God.  It is good to hear men pray together.  I was at the seminary, and I was thinking that men praying together is very powerful.

In a conversation about a month and a half ago, talking to a Dad, the Parent's group is fellowship without the churchy stuff.  As Knights we have the churchy stuff, we are known as men of God.

The second is that we serve the Lord as Knights- in service to the Church and in defense of the Knights.  Read the magazine- you will see how we are servants of the church.

The Third is we are in Defense of the Faith.  The faith is under attack wherever we see.  We are not partisan- we agree with both and disagree with both.  My vision is to have us seen as Knights boldly in our community- in the fullness of being Catholic.

I liken it to ordination.  We are not the only servants, but we lead and we call everybody else into that.

Please get in your service hours by the 10th.  Every good Catholic needs to do service.  We need to be generous, we need to study, we need to be involved in Liturgical Ministries.  People need to see us there at Mass- we need to be involved in the service activities in our Church.  We need to build up the community.  If anybody has problems with the form, contact Ted Seeber for Tech Support.

Treasurer's Report- Begining balance $1508.09
No income generated
Bill paid to Ken Paulsen $30
Existing Balance $1447.16
Oustanding check for Food Warmings $60.93
FS report
19 Members 12 associates, total 31.  Need to pay per capita to Supreme of $33, Catholic Life $36, total $69
Service Program Report needs to be done by August 1st.  Semi Annual Audit Report has been signed.  Officer's Report has been submitted.  Columbian Award Application has been Approved.  Mother and Child Education sent us a Thank You for Carnations.

Paul and Phil will attend Summer Session.

GK would like us to reach out to other members more than just a card once a year.
New Business

  1. Breakfast at SJF Sunday July 24.  Please sign up with Ken!  Partnering with Youth Group to get fathers and sons into the Knights.  Volunteering is fun.  There is comraderie, each night that works should get a free meal, but it is the fun and comraderie that brings us together, Ken urges our participation.  
  2. Service Program Personel -
    1. Membership - Ted Seeber
    2. Retention- Daniel Salomon
    3. Chaplain- Fr. Don
    4. Service Program- Paul Pompili
  3. Upcoming events
    1. Soccer - Mike Devlin and Michael Chau 
    2. Essay - as an assignment, Deacon Scott and Ted Seeber
    3. Columbus Weekend Membership - Get members at both parishes, Ted Seeber
  4. Calendar for the year - Repeat of last year, upcoming fraternal year.  Should we be doing more.  Pancake Breakfasts, Parish Picnics, Soup, Baby Bottle Drive, Pentecost fair, Advent, and Lent, Easter Egg Hunt.  Junque and Jewells, after June 15th next year.  What more can we do?  
  5. Monthly Rosary for Life - Tomorrow Night SJF has a Stations of the Cross for Peace.  
    1. Input on how to do this- Before/After the meeting or for the Parishes?
    2. Catholic Culture of Life
    3. Tomorrow night- what kind of participation will we have at SJF?
    4. Mater Dei Radio Program Voice of the Shepherd on this issue, from Archbishop Sample
  6. Picnics- St. Clare's September 11th, SJF September 25th.  
State Treasurer's Remarks - Looking for a District Deputy
Sick or in Distress
Closing Prayer - Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be

Next Meeting is August 15th- Feast of the Assumption is not a Holy Day of Obligation this year, only if there is a conflict.

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