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Monday, November 16, 2015

First Degree Ceremony - This Thursday

We will be conducting a First Degree Ceremony for at least one new member (Paul Pompili) on Thursday at 6pm. 
A second candidate Scott Kneefel, has just secured a new job with CYO and is committed to attend a function this Thursday night.  He intends to be installed next month.

The following officers are necessary to conduct a First Degree Ceremony:
1 - GK - Ken Paulsen
2 - DGK - Jim Van Domelen filling in for Polinus who is unable to attend
3 - Chancellor - Mike O'Phelen
4 - FS - Phil Jarvis
5 - Warden - Michael Chau - assisted by Ted Seeber
6 - Inside Guard - Don Mey
7 - Sound Man - Ted Seeber

If any of you are unable to attend this ceremony, please let me know at once so that I can arrange a replacement.  However, I would encourage you to fulfill your role in this important event if at all possible. 
To those able, please meet in the Council Chambers one hour early - 5pm - so that we can rehearse our parts together.

All other officers and members are welcome to attend - and in fact, may be needed.

A few details:
I understand Ted has new member kits as well as all the props necessary for the ceremony.  He will also bring sound equipment / music.
I understand Phil has the Constitutional Roll.
We are encouraged to wear our jewels - and be appropriately dressed.
The Warden is responsible to set up the Council Chambers as shown on page 6.

I hope we will become very competent at performing the First Degree Ceremony.  Memorizing the text is encouraged - but perhaps too much for us at this time.  I will attempt to provide extra copies of the text so that it is available to the conferring officers.

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