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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Breakfast Report from Captain Ted Seeber and Chairman Michael Chau

We did pretty well at the St. Clare's breakfast.  Phil, Michael Chau and Ted Seeber set up the dining room by 3pm on Saturday, except about half the forks were missing and all of the salt shakers were empty.  Ted found the forks and finished up on his own by 5pm Mass on Saturday.  Sunday, Ted brought salt, and Mike Morgan, Christopher Seeber, and Laura Bowers got everything ready.  By 8am, Ken Paulsen and his grandson Michael had showed up.  Phil and Donna Jarvis showed up and set up the money and got the dishwasher going.  Brandon showed up to help Mike Morgan crack eggs.  Paul Pompili, Marc Gregoire, Michael Chau and Tom Owens rounded out our team to get breakfast ready by 9:30.

We served 52 Breakfasts at the first mass.

At the second Mass, Mike Devlin showed up and thinking that we wouldn't get many people, we let Ken Paulsen and his grandson go, as well as Brandon.  Tom Owens and Mike Devlin took over at the Dishwasher, and Phil drove Donna home.  We also went down to just the six tables.

Boy, were we wrong.  We served an additional 42 people after the 10:45 Mass.  It was a scramble to set up placemats and get them silverware.  We ran out of eggs and we ran out of applesauce.  We made another two batches of pancakes.

Thank you to all who worked so hard- especially those who pulled multiple shifts.

We made $382- $191 to the council, $191 to St. Clare's

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