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Sunday, November 15, 2015

St. John Fisher Breakfast Debriefing

Hi All,
First off, I just want to say how proud I am, and humbled, to be among such a dedicated team of hard-working saints-in-the-making.  The "can-do" attitude was instrumental in throwing this successful breakfast.  I'm honored to be counted among you.  Thank you all.

Michael Chau
Mike Devlin
Marc Gregoire
Phil Jarvis & Wife Donna
Deacon Scott Kolbet
Don Mey
Mike Morgan
Tom Owens
Paul Pompili
Jim Stall

A special thanks to Phil's wife - who made and donated the place maps, assisted with the posters, brought flowers, and worked along side of us throughout the event. 

There were two members of the Men's Club - Colm Joyce and Ken Weston, whom I hope I can contact to thank personally.  In all the confusion, I'm not certain that I've included everyone in this list who made this breakfast work.  But again, the team worked like a well oiled machine.  A few rough spots, but it was a successful event.

Phil has all of the breakfast supplies / tools which he plans to sort and organize.  I think this will help for our next breakfast at St. Clare on Nov. 29 after the 8:30 and 10:45 masses.  I understand Phil will provide an inventory of supplies left over.
In addition, I have another 10 lb bag of pancake mix that didn't come out of my truck. 
There were 18 eggs left over from 20 dozen - they're in the fridge at St. J.F. 
I also left some frozen Brown & Serve sausages in the freezer at St. J.F.   I'll try to get these sausages to Phil tomorrow.
Marc - I left some Stainless Steel cream dispensers at St. J.F. - I'm not sure if they're ours or theirs, but I figure you would know.

Things learned:
1.    Better to have too much food than too little.  I was amazed that we went through 10 dozen eggs so quickly.  I had to run out to buy 10 dozen more.  But making people wait for eggs - or go without - was a huge mistake.  5 dozen eggs costs $10.  Our reputation is far more valuable that $10.
2.    We need two pans to cook eggs.  Eggs seem to cook slower than other items.  They were always the bottleneck.  Twice the production would probably keep up with demand.
3.    I bought an extra 6 lbs. of sausage as 15 lbs. was not enough.  (However, we had sausage left over.)
4.    I bought an extra 2 gallons of applesauce as 1.5 gallons was not enough.  (We had about 1/2 gallon left over.)
5.    I panicked on the pancake batter and bought one more 10 lb. bag, (40 lbs total) but we only used 20 lbs. and we now have 20 lbs. left over.

The total cost for the food and supplies was $240.22.  Phil Says that after expenses, our profit is $327.30 - which we'll split 50/50 with the parish - $163.65 for St. John Fisher and $163.65 for our Council!  Nice Job!!!

Seems to me, that at each event, we invest in some item that is not a consumable.  For example the egg pan, the batter pooper, and the warming tray.  This time, it was salt and pepper shakers.... rather a small addition to our inventory.  We were also donated some vinyl gloves by Phil and Polyethylene gloves, butter patties and stir sticks by Ken Weston.  But for those planning a future breakfast, anticipate some funds for hardware.

What  like about these breakfasts - irrespective of whether or not they're profitable - is that they help develop a sense of community in our parishes.  Not only that, but they also help develop a sense of camaraderie among the members of our Council.  I get to know each of you a bit better - and realize, that you're actually a really nice bunch of guys.   Thanks again for your generous hard work.  God Bless You.

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