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Monday, December 22, 2014

Call for Resolutions for the State Convention

From our worthy State Advocate:
December 22, 2014
Worthy State Deputy, State Officers, Directors, Chairmen, Grand Knights & Council Officers,

REMINDER: The Call for Resolutions

The date is drawing near to submit your resolutions, for discussion and or enactment at the 2015 State Convention in Newport Oregon on April 24th to 26th. (Note State By-Laws Article 1, Sec. 13 & 14).
Resolutions sent from the councils need to be signed by either the Grand Knight or Trustee and the Financial Secretary with the imprinted Knights of Columbus Council Seal stamped on the original. The original copy needs to be sent to the State Advocate by January 24th, 2015. Copies of the original resolution also needs to be send to the State Deputy and State Secretary.
A Resolution Committee appointed by the State Deputy in December will review the resolutions on January 24th. Copies of the resolutions with the committee’s recommendations will be sent to all councils approximately 60 days prior to the State Convention. Delegates that will be attending the State Convention should be knowledgeable of the contents of the resolutions and be ready to discuss and or vote per your councils wishes.
If you have any questions regarding formation of a resolution please contact me by email or phone number listed below or reference a copy from the proceedings of the previous state convention.

Fraternally yours,
Ronald J. Boyce
Ron Boyce
Oregon State Advocate
PO Box 23093
Tigard, OR 97281
C: 503-730-1986
--------------------------- We have time to discuss at the next meeting and get something in. Your Grand Knight is an alternate on the Resolution Committee this year; would be a great year to get something inventive in like group health insurance for Knights, or some state reimbursement for _Building the Domestic Church_ expenses. We have time, our next council meeting is January 19th, and the deadline is January 24th.

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