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Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Agenda item for next meeting

Archbishop Sample has requested that State Deputy Bob Kish change the mission of the Knights of Columbus in Oregon. We are required to implement a new program from Supreme, _Building the Domestic Church: The Family Fully Alive_. I will be talking about this in my Grand Knight's remarks at the meeting on Monday, November 17 at 6:45pm. Come and also meet our Citizenship Essay Contest winners.
Some important notes from last night's meeting:
This program was used in 2013 in the Diocese of Colorado to great success. Archbishop Sample thinks it is a good fit for the Archdiocese of Oregon, and since it is a program from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, the good Archbishop has asked all Knights of Columbus in Oregon to make it our top priority.
For our council, the first few orders of business in implementing this program are:
  • Ordering books and materials, which has been accomplished. Supreme offers these materials for free, but we have to pay for shipping
  • Promoting the program at the St. Clare's Advent Faith Fair, and looking for opportunities to promote it at St. John Fisher and St. Elizabeth Hungary, while obtaining support from the pastors there

  • Obtaining our CVLI (Church movie copyright bank) license

  • Get as many Knights as possible to take the Called to Protect program in their respective parishes, as we will be working with children

  • Opening up our Christmas Party Potluck to all families from all three parishes, and adding a movie to entice families to come

As you can see, our second order of business leads right into supporting the Advent Faith Fair, which you'll hear about when we discuss the luncheon and activities we have been asked to support.
Here are some links to further information:

Http:// - Church movie license.
Supreme website on this program

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