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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Building the Domestic Church, Movie Night

At the meeting, the council voted to support the new program with $103.51 for books and $155 towards a movie showing license. They challenged me, your Grand Knight, to come up with donors for the rest. After just mentioning it in an online blog as an aside, I became persuaded to put up A Worthy, Worthy Cause on my private blog. I am pleased to announce that we are well on our way to getting the movie license, and if pledges come through from my facebook friends who have sent me messages, I will be ordering our movie showing license December 3rd.

Due to that, I'd like to announce at this time that our Christmas Party will be 6pm on Friday, December 12 at St. Clare's Parish Hall. Invite everybody from all three parishes. If you can get it into your bulletins, do so. Program will be:
6:00pm Potluck
6:15pm Grand Knight's Recap and Christmas Program
6:30pm Muppets Christmas Carol Movie
8:00pm Family public discussion about values in the movie.
8:30pm cleanup.

Because this is also our council Christmas potluck, we will not be selling concessions at this first movie. We will be asking people to bring something to eat, favorite pillows/blankets/stuffed animals for the kids (which of course, they will keep with them and use during the movie).

More plans to come- the book also recommends we hold a Posada, and I'm thinking about bringing that up with the Youth Group to partner with on Christmas Eve between noon and the Children's Mass at 4pm.

Trailer for the movie can be found On Youtube, or scan this clickable QR code with your phone:

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