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Monday, November 24, 2014

Fwd: Dec. 3rd 1st Degree...

First Degree December 3 at Tigard.  From our worthy DD:

The more the merrier.  Contact Scott Young, Gary Stump or me if you have candidates.  Be sure to do your Admissions Committee and have them sign your Membership Roster prior to coming.  Also, You can save $6.50 if you bring your own rosary, pin and the booklet These Men They Call KnightsI


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Hi All,    Would you please notify other Councils of our 1st Degree program on Dec. 3rd   beginning at 6:30PM at the St. Anthony's Community Center.  There is a $10 fee   for all of our Degree Programs, to cover the cost of the 1st Degree Kits.    This Degree Program will be conducted by our Council's AWESOME Degree Team,   headed by Tom Hays.    Thanks very much!    Gary Stump  Membership Director     Sent from Gary's iPhone 5S    

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