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Friday, November 7, 2014

Building the Domestic Church

From the District Deputy:
Is your council ready for the webinar coming on Thursday night?
Each council should have a location set up to view the webinar and should have been in contact with each parish you serve to make sure the key people will be in attendance.
If you haven’t registered your location yet contact your District Deputy or State Secretary Sid Thiel,, to let him know where you will be. Please do so immediately. There are a limited number of connections available for the webinar.
Archbishop Sample has asked the Knights to take the lead in getting this program going. It is a direct response to Pope Francis’ call to bring the Church back in to our homes. You should be ordering a supply of the work book, “Building the Domestic Church”. They are available on They are featured prominently on the main page. There is no cost for the book, you pay only shipping costs. The idea is to put one of these books in every household in the parish so don’t hesitate to order a lot. You can order up to 300 at a time.
The program starts on December 1st so don’t delay and don’t miss the webinar!
Make sure you communicate with your parish priest, your council chaplain, and your director of religious education. All three people are vital to the program.

Now from me- Ken Paulsen and I will be going to the webinar at St. Anthony's. I've already talked with Pia and Jean about this, as well as Fr. Stobie.

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