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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fwd: Going paperless


This email is to inform you about some changes the state is making to not only save a few trees but save a few dollars as well. If the dioceses can go paperless then we should give it our best shot as well. We cant go 100% paperless...too many forms to supreme wont allow this. We will however keep working toward it though.

1. The 2014 Convention Proceeding will be burned onto a CD and mailed before Aug. 30. Distribution of these Convention Proceedings will be in accordance with ARTICLE IV, Section 2 of the State Bylaws. 
With changing technology there is some legitimate concern that future generations wont be able to view a CD. Just imagine if we did this 25 years ago when the 5 1/4" floppy was the portable storage of the time. Not too many of us would be able to read that floppy now. To combat this problem, we will print and bind one copy for the archives and one to the current State Advocate for his records. All others will receive a CD. Also note: the CD will have some other helpful information on it as well (current State Bylaws, GK Handbook, DD Handbook, EZ form, etc.)

2. State Secretary Sid Thiel has been working hard to compile and publish the 2014-2015 State Directory. I am happy to report that he finished this torturous task a couple weeks ago. There are still a handful of Councils and Assemblies that must have had some difficulties determining who their officers are and didn't report to Sid. We couldn't wait any longer, it had to go to print without these few.

A paper bound version of the State Directory will be mailed out to all State Officers, District Deputies, Directors and Chairmen very soon. 

Councils and Assemblies will not be getting a paper version directory. This will save about 120 printed books. It is the States thinking that if a council needs to contact any State Officers, District Deputies, Directors and Chairmen they can go to the State website for this. All our contact information is there and it is current. Several councils have contact information the the State website as well and more on the way.

We also concluded that the State Officers, District Deputies, Directors and Chairmen are the members that need Council/Assembly information at their fingertips while traveling around the state. A book just made sense for them to pack around for quick reference.

If for some reason a FS or FC needs a paper version of the directory, he can request one from the State Secretary. One will be mailed immediately. 

Lets see how this goes. We are doing all we can at the state level to keep our operating cost down and to become more efficient. Thank you all.


Bob Kish
Knights of Columbus
Oregon State Deputy

"One Member, Per Council, Per Month"
"One Star Council Per District"

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