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Friday, August 22, 2014

District 3 newsletter Fall 2014

State Deputy
Robert Kish

District Deputy
David Saunders

District Warden
Mike Wilcoxen

Tigard No. 3591

Grand Knight
Scott Young

Financial Secretary
Brian Fihn

Lake Oswego No.3818

Grand Knight
Dan Boone

Financial Secretary
Ron Mosgrove

John Clare No. 15485

Grand Knight
Ted Seeber

Financial Secretary
Phillip Jarvis

Insurance Agent

Don Alloway II

Brother Knights,
This my first effort at a District newsletter. I’m not sure how often I will put an issue out at this time.
It is a privilege to serve as your District Deputy. I have ben a member for 37 years and am a PGK, PFN and was a Financial Secretary for 20 years. That’s not to say I know everything. That’s why I have a real smart District Warden who has been invaluable with the audits.
The State Deputy wants me to attend as many council meetings as I am able and to be present at the audits. I will attempt to attend other councils functions such as breakfast etc. My job is assist the councils submit all forms on time. If we work together, we can achieve Star Council status.
One of the important points is to achieve our membership goals. Each council should know their membership and insurance goals for the fraternal year. It is also important to maintain the members we have. If you haven’t seen them at a meeting for awhile, contact them to see how they are doing and let them know they are missed.

District Events: Council Breakfast
Tigard holds their breakfasts on the third Sunday of the month at their new Francis Center .
Lake Oswego holds theirs on the second Sunday of the month from October through May.
John Clare holds theirs on the fifth Sunday of the month.
If you can, please support the other councils in our District.
If you are holding other events, let me know and I’ll pass the word to all councils.
Lake Oswego is having Fiesta 2014 on September 13 11:00 AM.
Remember, Membership Recruitment and Retention must be an ongoing program in every council.

David Saunders,
District Deputy District #3
One Member, per Council, per Month

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