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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Breakfast Results and Volunteer Thank you

Thank you to all of our Breakfast Volunteers. On Saturday Night, Michael Chau, Phil Jarvis, Ted Seeber, and Judy Van Domelen cleaned and set up the hall after Laura and Paul's wedding reception. Then Ken Paulsen brought all the groceries in. Sunday morning bright and early at 6am, Ted was back making coffee, and getting last minute shopping done. About 7:30, Laura Bowers came in and started putting together the fruit and sausages. At 8, David McLean, a potential new member arrived and helped finish setup, then cooked 20+ a bit pounds of pancake batter up. Phil Jarvis took in money, while Donna Jarvis did early serving before Paul Pompili and Tom Owens took over. Don Mey came in to do eggs, and Marc Gregoire took care of the front along with Donna and Christopher Seeber (Christopher, of course, took care of our "Honored Church Ladies", as usual). Michael Chau and David on the grill put lots of blueberries onto pancakes. Deacon Scott served up dishes and helped get eggs cooked for the second Mass. Many of us stayed after to help clean up. Oh, and Ted did finally find the steam table cover- well camoflauged against the side of the freezer in the community room.

We served 105 plates for the first mass, and approximately another 33 for the second. Fr. Don liked it so much he came TWICE. We ran out of blueberries at the

Total expenses were $145, $95 in standard groceries and a $50 donation from Ted Seeber.
Final Totals were:
Gross $473
Net $327.19
Stipend to St Clare $163.60

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