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Monday, May 15, 2017

Meeting minutes for Monday, May 15 2017

7:00 pm Call to Order
Warden’s Report
Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call
GK- Present
FS- Present
DGK- Present
Chan- Absent
Recorder- Excused
Treasurer- Present
Advocate- Present
Warden- Present
IG- Excused
OG- Excused
1 year trustee Present
2 year trustee Present
3 year trustee Excused

 7 Officer 7 Brothers

Chaplain’s Message - Really appreciated the blueberry pancakes and the flower sale, and all the Knights do for the parish. Two requests: Help with setup and teardown of Pentecost celebration the evening of June 3 and the afternoon of June 4, help with setup and teardown of Junque and Jewels Friday June 16, Saturday Morning June 17, Sunday afternoon June 25. Ted Seeber CANNOT chair any of these events, due to his parent's upcoming 50th wedding anniversary, and so we are asking for volunteers.

Reading of Minutes

7:15 Grand Knight’s Remarks - We competed with ourselves over the past month. Next year, we should move breakfasts to avoid other events. When we have Christ working through us, it feels right, it feels good, we know it is right. Mary's fiat was right- when we serve as Knights and when we do it right, it shines brightly to the rest of the world. Thanks from Joanne for Phil stepping up to serve. When we are all working at the breakfast- it feels right. When we are one with the church, we know we are doing right and it feels right. Let the Lord keep working through us.
7:20 Treasurer’s Report
  • $1375 at 1st of Month- Includes Breakfast for St. John Fisher.
  • Now down to $873. Lots of outstanding checks.
  • Breakfast proceeds for St. Clare $473
7:25 Financial Secretary’s Report
  • 32 members - time to send letter of intent to retain for Dennis and Aerton.
  • St. Clare Breakfast - net $327, Stipend $164
7:30 For the Good of the Order
7:35 Updates
State Conference
  • Jim gave us a handout about the Conference.
  • Marriage for Life Decal can be ordered from
  • Daniel gave report:  I feel stronger as a Catholic Man.  Felt like when I was in Israel visiting the Knights Templar building.  Revival is really happening- going back to true Christianity.  Some disconnect between to the Magisterium and the Laity- impressed by the number of young Knights there.   Bridge the gaps between Knights of Columbus and Men's Groups.  Lake Oswego does spiritual stuff and retreat once a year.  Families and reaching out to men at the margins.  College Knights from UP, OSU, and UofO made a big showing.  Next year's convention will be at Boulder Falls Conference Center in Lebanon.  Holy League Men's Conference in Mt Angel this year, October 20-21, 2017; featuring Bishop Smith, Fr. Bill Casey, Doug Barry, Deacon Harrold Burke Silvers.  Sign up at   .    If we find a way to donate $500 to the RSVP program for vocations (to a seminarian) we can get $100 back from Supreme for our council.
  • State Deputy Sid Thiel is resigning.  New State Deputy Francis Mohr, Ron Boyce moving up to State Secretary, Steve Steele moving up to Treasurer, Michael Rooke moving up to Advocate, New Warden Radel
  • State Summer Meeting will be July 21-23, at the Boulder Falls Conference Center in Lebanon, we need 2 Knights to go from our council, who's up for it?
Pancake Breakfast
  • For next year, avoid Divine Mercy Sunday and Easter so we don't tire ourselves out.
Divine Mercy Cards
  • Competing with ourselves a bit, not much response
Carnation Sales
  • Need more Knights to do this. Had to depend on non-Knights at St. Clare's.
  • Gross $670, cost of flowers $263, for a $407 check headed for Mother & Child
Stop funding abortion initiative
7:50 New Business

Book study - Rediscover Jesus. A truly safe place to share. Our value of Fraternity is to be remembered in discussing such topics. Some ideas were put forth- starting at the next meeting, read one chapter a week. Contact Deacon Scott or Ted Seeber for a copy if you don't have one.

Choosing New Officers- Daniel directed to make this part of the next month's

8:05 Sick or in Distress - Ken Paulsen, Joanne, Bonnie Owens, Daniel's Job situation at Hoyt Arboretum, new vocational councilor, and for Daniel's Parents. Jean from St. John Fisher going in for heart surgery. And for another parishoner from SJF.

8:10 Closing Prayer

Next meeting June 19th

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