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Monday, May 29, 2017

Upcoming events at St. Clare's

Can you believe it is already Pentecost?  Once again, Pia and BJ are arranging a neat party at St. Clare's.  But it will take volunteers on deck to make it happen.  The Knights are on task for setup after 5pm Mass and teardown Sunday after the ethnic sauce dinner.  Please volunteer if you are able.

Also happening, is the June First Saturday Adoration, featuring the Knights at 3pm for a Chaplet of Divine Mercy and a pro-life Rosary.  Ted will lead this one, but due to family commitments cannot lead it in July.  Come experience this prayer for life at St. Clare's, and consider leading it July 1st if you are able.  Benediction will be after the Rosary led by Deacon Bill at 3;45pm.

Contact Ted Seeber ( or Michael Chau ( to volunteer for either of these events.

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