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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ted Seeber getting Ambitious again

And this time, it's too big for our council- but our council can contribute.

As we learned in our last meeting, our dear State Chaplain, Fr. Theo Lange, has been named by Pope Francis to be one of the Missionaries of Mercy- priests given special faculties and a special mission to bring the Sacarcament of Confession to sinners who would normally have to travel to the Bishop or even to the Vatican to have their sins absolved.

Browsing facebook the other day, I saw a story about the Diocese of Lafeyette "Spiritual Care Unit"- a converted ambulance with a confessional in the back.

I am in no position, as you well know, to financially handle this at this time.  But there are people who are.  And so I've started a GoFundMe page.  All I ask is that you go to this page- and share the link.  If the spirit wills it and we get just $1/Knight in Oregon, I'll transfer the funds to the State Knights of Columbus Charities to buy a suitable vehicle to convert.

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