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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Catholicism Episodes #1 and #2

Catholicism DVD Series by Rev. Robert E. Barron
Friday night I viewed Episodes #1 and #2 of this 10 part series - and I recommend it very highly.  In a powerful documentary style, Rev. Barron narrates the teachings of Jesus with images and scenes on location in the Holy Land and other locations.
Part 1 - Amazed and Afraid - Makes the case for Jesus claiming that He was either who He said He was - or was a madman.  As He said, either we are with Him or against Him - there's no neutral ground.  It presents a compelling case that we're either all in, or all out.  (50 min.)
Part 2 - Happy are we: The Teachings of Jesus - shows through the teachings of Jesus such as the Beatitudes, Prodigal Son and His command to turn the other cheek, just what's expected of us, including provocative, non-violent witness to our faith.  (53 min.)    

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