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Monday, February 23, 2015

Volunteers needed coming up

We have another busy weekend at St. Clare's coming up in March.

March 13, 2015 will be the next Friday Family Movie Night at St. Clare's, with Pinocchio! This 1940 Disney classic has really stood up to the test of time, but it is something that it is time to introduce to a new generation who may never have seen it. We will be attempting some new ways to bring people in, including serving pizza, so just in case, I'd like to see a few Knights there. Bring your grandkids! More to come in a future post.

And Sunday, March 15th, Laetare Sunday, will be the next Breakfast. We've got a couple of members out of town, so if possible, bring your family to help. This breakfast will be benefiting Help Hope Live, a 501c3 that helps transplant patients pay their medical bills, and we will be putting our donation through the campaign to benefit James Michael Morgan. Extra money from this campaign will go to help other transplant patients, it is an excellent and very worthy charity for us to give to.

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