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Monday, February 9, 2015

Recruiting idea- share this article with young Catholic men in your social circles.

Trustee Tom Owens writes:

I found the article by Sam Patet called God at the Center about the former NFL Vikings player and graduate of Harvard University , Matt Birk, to be inspiring and attractive to young men who may be considering joining the KC. It appears on page 16 of the Feb. 2015 Columbia magazine, and at the link above. I read and discussed it with Michael Chau and afterwards he was impressed enough to ask me to copy it and send a copy to two friends of ours who are eligible to become Knights. I feel the article is especially useful to young fathers who may be interested in sports. It would be great if each member of our council could copy the article and give it to at least one young Catholic man.

Remember, a chance to get all three degrees is coming up February 21st at 9:00am, St. Francis in Sherwood.

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