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Monday, February 9, 2015

From the State Food for Families Chairman

The John Clare Council will be kicking off our 40 Cans for Lent program at the St. Clare's Lenten Faith Fair on Sunday February 15, 2015. I could use a couple of volunteers for setup before 8:30am Mass, and for cleanup at noon, or just to hang around the table talking about the concern we have as Knights for St. Vincent de Paul. --------------------- Hunger knows no season. As the economy sputters along many people are going hungry. Fortunately, through our Food for Families program, the Knights of Columbus is in a position to help. Councils should reach out to parish food pantries, community food banks and soup kitchens and collect non-perishable food at weekend Masses.

Many grocery stores will allow the collection of food outside of their stores. The key is to ask — and to work within the parameters that the store manager has established.

The goal is to help keep food pantries well-stocked all year round. Also purchase or secure through donations enough food to prepare a meal at a soup kitchen or in the parish hall.

During Lent, conduct a “40 Cans for Lent” program in your council and parish. The goal of this program is for each council member and each parishioner to contribute one can of food per day during the forty days of Lent. This program was conducted in 2011 by Our Lady of Guadalupe Council 8306 in Helotes, Texas, and 4,300 cans of food were collected for distribution to food pantries, food banks and soup kitchens.

As an incentive, the Supreme Council will count a qualifying Food for Families program as fulfilling all four of the Family Activities requirements for the Columbian Award. In order to qualify, councils must meet the minimum requirements (a minimum of 1,000 pounds of food collected and distributed, and 100 man-hours of service in the preparation/distribution/service of meals to needy people), and then complete and submit the Food for Families report form (#10057)(see attachment). Your council may earn up to $500.00 from Supreme (see attachment). WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Last year a number of Oregon Councils experienced an increase in request for information to become a Knight of Columbus. These Councils realized that we are not alone. Individuals and other groups are equally concerned with the needs of the hungry.

One Council joined with the youth education groups of our parish and conducted a joint effort. The young teens parents were most impressed and the fathers of the teens became prime recruiting candidates to become Brother Knights.

Another Council joined with the Parish’s St. Vincent de Paul Society and together they experienced an outstanding combined effort.

Look to see whom you may join with in your local Parish.

God loves all who help the poor, hungry and needy.

If you have any questions, give me a phone call at (503) 358-0816.

Vivat Jesus!


Dick Akins,

Brother Knight of Knights of the Resurrection Council 13851

Sir Knight of Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Assembly 3248

Oregon State Chairman – Food for Families

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