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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pro-Life Documentary at St. Francis in Sherwood August 12

I am writing to each of you who responded to the email below and have expressed interest in the screening of "The Sidewalk Chronicles". I would like to give you the new information for the showing time, date and location. I have also attached a flyer for this screening if you wish to share it or print it out for yourself. "The Sidewalk Chronicles" screening is being moved to St. Francis Catholic Church in Sherwood. The address is 15651 SW Oregon St, Sherwood, OR 97140. The screening will be held on Tuesday, August 12th. Please arrive by 8:00pm.

In this documentary some women give personal accounts of going through an abortion. While the documentary is not extremely graphic, we recommend it for high school age children and older.

There is no charge for this viewing, however, free will offerings are greatly appreciated and will aid in the production of more films like this.

Yours in Christ,
Laura Potter

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 21, 2014 Meeting Minutes

St. John Clare Council #15485
July 21, 2014 Meeting’s Minutes
Recorded by Trustee James M. Morgan
1. An audit was conducted and approved by, Trustees’ James M. Morgan & Tom Owens,
2. During the regular meeting:
• The previous meeting notes were handed out.
• Marc Gregoire was temporarily appointed Treasurer and the post of Advocate is vacant until Mike Devlin can get his 2nd and 3rd Degree on August 23
• The previously elected officers were sworn in.
• The Good of the Order discussion was moved at the request of the Grand Knight.
• The August 31, 2014 breakfast was discussed under New Business.
• The membership was instructed on the new rules necessary to suspend member who didn’t pay their dues, etc.
• Michael O’Phalen, Lecturer, gave an inspirational message.
• Michael Chou was elected to represent our council during planning of the 2015 Parish Campout on the Oregon Coast.
• Polinus Vuoche was elected to chair our membership retention committee.
• Michael O’Phalen, the Lecturer, will be responsible for providing refreshments at our council meetings & he will be reimbursed for the costs of the refreshments.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm by saying the Our Father prayer.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fwd: 2nd and 3rd degree

> Subject: 2nd and 3rd degree
> August 23 degree at La Vang which is located in Portland off of 51st and Sandy Blvd. The 2nd degree will start at 10:30 and The 3rd degree will follow the 2nd degree at noon.  Please pass this on.
> Sid Thiel
> KC State Secretary
> Ph: 503-625-5128
> Cell:  503-860-5968
> Fax/ph: 503-610-1595

Fwd: Health & welfare Report 29 July 2014

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From: Andrew Robinson <>
Date: Tue, Jul 29, 2014 at 3:26 PM
Subject: Health & welfare Report 29 July 2014
To: Andrew Robinson <>

Dear Brothers

Sir Knight Tom Meese under went  surgery on July 29, 2014 for pancreatic cancer at Kaiser Sunnyside.  Tom, and his wife Bev, would appreciate any prayers offered.  Tom is a member of Tigard Council 3591 and Assembly 3219.

Andrew F. Robinson, Jr.
Health & Welfare Chairman


Fwd: Knightsgear Offers Savings on Shipping for August

From: Knights of Columbus <>

Brother Knights,

August marks the one year anniversary of, and we'd like you to celebrate with us by enjoying a special offer of FREE ground shipping from August 1, 2014 - August 31, 2014 with a purchase of $50 or more.

Knightsgear is your premier source for K of C products, from books & videos to council supplies to apparel that can be worn at leisure or when working for Church and community with your brother Knights. Recently added items include K of C caps; a DVD about our founder, Father Michael McGivney; as well as a documentary on the life of Pope Francis; St. John Paul II prayer cards; and more.

So please go online to take advantage of this limited time offer! When checking out, be sure to enter discount code "1882" in your shopping cart.  Remember to click the APPLY COUPON button after you enter the discount code before checkout.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Fwd: Health & Welfare Report 28 July 2014

Dear Brothers

Sir Knight Ernie Zellner, one of the charter members of Sacred Heart Council 5842, in Gervais, passed away Monday July 21.  He was 89 and a 48 year member of the council.  He was very active until his health declined in his later years.  The funeral will be at 11:00am on Tuesday July 29 at Sacred Heart Parish, 485 7th St. Gervais, OR.  Rosary is at 10:30am on same day.  Family has requested a color corp.  Anyone that can participate, try to be there by 10:15.

Sir Knight Jack Gall was taken to the Albany hospital Tuesday afternoon with stroke symptoms.  That has been confirmed as a stroke and he is currently working to recover and rehabilitate.  He is in room 204 and could use as many prayers as possible.

Andrew F. Robinson, Jr
Health & Welfare Chairman

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fwd: Re: Knights of Columbus 15485 Blog Feed (announcements)

From our Chancellor

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From: "vuoche polinus" <>
Date: Jul 26, 2014 11:19 AM

> Brother Knights, I have moved from my old residents (9350 Sw hall blvd appt 19 Tigard ) to a new resident (3440 SW Alice Street Apt 39 Portland) on Barber boulevard. Thank you.
> --------------------------------------------

Christ in the Womb for July 27, 2014 and The Word Made Flesh for July 25-26, 2015

July 27 Bulletin
The Word was made Flesh . . . Following
Baby Jesus in the womb
19 Weeks

Baby weighs 7 ounces. It is incredible to think Baby will increase its weight more than 15 times between now and delivery. Since week 6, the main divisions of the central nervous system have been established while increased development of the brain and spinal cord continues.
Baby’s approximate due date: December 25, 2014


The Word Made Flesh for July 25-26, 2015
The brain and central nervous system, modern science thinks, may be the seat of the soul. Our girl we are following is only 1/15th the size of child ready to be born- but she already has a soul. Psalm 139 tells us that God has knit together the soul and the body- into one indivisible whole. These competing theories of ensoulment- and many others- lead some to doubt the sinfulness of abortion. But as Catholics, we know that the body and soul are indivisible- and thus human life must be protected from conception.

Our little girl shares her due date with the birthday of our Lord, December 25, 2015.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fwd: Health & Welfare Report 21 July 2014

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From: Andrew Robinson <>
Date: Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 9:20 PM
Subject: Health & Welfare Report 21 July 2014
To: Andrew Robinson <>

Dear Brothers

 Michael "Mike" L Adams a longtime members of Sublimity council 2439  passed away this past Saturday, July 12, 2014.  Michael  L Adams was 88 years old and he would have become a 50 Year Member next month.  His Vigil Service was Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 7:00 pm and Mass of Christian Burial was on Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 10:00 am both at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Stayton.  Please keep Betty and family in your thought and prayers.  Mike's son Ken is also a member of the Sublimity council.

Health & Welfare Chairman

Andrew F. Robinson, jr.

Fwd: 2nd 3rd Degrees

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From: "Theodore Seeber" <>
Date: Jul 21, 2014 2:00 PM
Subject: Fwd: 2nd 3rd Degrees
To: "Mike Devlin" <>

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Jul 21, 2014 12:17 PM
Subject: 2nd 3rd Degrees
To: <>, <>, <>, <>


I just learned yesterday that there will be a second and third Degree on August 23rd at Our Lady of Lavang Church.  Lavang is located at 5404 NE Alameda Drive in Portland.  This is the chance to get those First Degree members into the higher degrees.  Histry shows that those who don't receive their 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Meeting Monday, July 21, 2014

Sorry to get this out so late, it's been a busy week with a job change coming up.

John Clare Council #15485 Meeting Agenda
July 20, 2014
St. Clare Fireside Room

● 6:30pm Audit. Trustees, GK, DD, DW, and FS to attend. No excuses.
● 7:00pm Opening Prayer Our Father, Roll Call, Reading of Previous Minutes
● 7:10pm Grand Knight’s Remarks
○ Mea Culpa- Treasurer, Request motion from the floor to validate appointment change to Officer’s List.
○ Pastoral Council Report
● 7:15pm Reading of the Warrants, FS Report, Communications
● 7:20 pm, For the Good of the Order (moved under GK Request)
● 7:30pm Committees
○ Life
○ Community
■ Upcoming Breakfast
● 7:40pm New Business
● 7:50pm District Deputy/State Officers
● 7:55pm Sick or in Distress – Hail Mary
● 8:10pm Closing Prayer


Previous meeting's Minutes:

Jim offers this version of the minutes of the last meeting, prepared more for the bank than our membership. He has already stated that due to a family vacation, he will NOT be at this meeting, so this is all we have

Knights of Columbus Council #15484
Meeting Minutes of June 17, 2014
Reports were given by the Grand Knight, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Life
Volunteers were requested to serve on 29 June at St. Clare Coffee and Donuts.
The most important portion of our meeting consisted of the election of officers for the
2014-2015 fraternal year. The following were elected by a unanimous vote:
Grand Knight Theodore Seeber
Deputy Grand Knight Kenneth Paulsen
Chancellor Polinus Vuoche
Recorder James Van Domelen
Treasurer Michael Devlin
Advocate Marc Gregoire
Warden Michael Chau
Inside Guard Ivan Ward
Outside Guard Dennis Codd
Trustee – 3rd year Tom Owens
Trustee – 2nd year John Creegan
Trustee – 1st year James Michael Morgan
Prepared by James Van Domelen, Recorder

Christ in the Womb for July 20, 2014

July 20 Bulletin
The Word was made Flesh . . . Following Baby Jesus in the womb
18 Weeks
Baby is continuing to grow and to develop, but the growth rate levels off. An ultrasound done at this point in pregnancy is helpful for confirming the Baby’s due date and examining the Baby’s anatomy. Parental bonds are strengthened with the visual picture of their Baby.
Baby’s approximate due date: December 25, 2014


The Word Made Flesh for July 18-19, 2015

Genesis 1:27 tells us we are made in the image of God, both male and female. At this point in the pregnancy, the mother of our little girl goes in for an ultrasound, and using modern technology, is able to take home a picture of her child. The due date is also confirmed- December 25, 2015, the birthday of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fwd: Have you always wanted to read the Diary of Divine Mercy but didn't have the time?

I don't normally forward spam- but these Flocknote lists are excellent.  I currently am subscribed to "Read the Gospels in a year", and this "Read the Divine Mercy Diaries" should be equally excellent.

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From: Lighthouse Catholic Media, NFP <>
Date: Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 6:46 AM
Subject: Have you always wanted to read the Diary of Divine Mercy but didn't have the time?
To: Theodore <>

Discover Divine Mercy

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The Diary of St. Faustina

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Our mailing address is:
Lighthouse Catholic Media, NFP
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Add us to your address book

Monday, July 14, 2014

Fwd: K of C - Rare Honor Guard Opportunity at St. Sharbel

I forward anything I get from the District Master.  I suspect those of you who care already get it, but it's nice to know what the 4th Degree is up to.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Michael D. Rooke, KofC District Master <>
Date: Mon, Jul 14, 2014 at 3:26 PM
Subject: K of C - Rare Honor Guard Opportunity at St. Sharbel
To: Undisclosed Recipients <>
Cc: G S Sims <>, Lonnie Ellingson <>, GK #15605 Hank Hess <>, Greg Wilhelm <>, Gregg Harris <>, Carroll Gorg <>, Tom Morgan <>, FN Joseph Bowen <>, George Murphy <>, PGK #01634 Duane Morris <>

My Brother Knights,


This coming Sunday, at the 10:30 a.m. service, at St. Sharbel Church, we have the rare opportunity to provide an Honor Guard for the ordination of Monk Anthony Joseph to the (transtional) deaconate.  If you have never been to St. Sharbel, you are in for a unique and amazing experience.  St. Sharbel (1804 SE 16th Avenue, Portland) is a Maronite Rite church, with services performed both in Arabic and English.  Absolutely eye-opening for those that have never attended a service at St. Sharbel.  Archbishop Sample, Bishop Smith and the Maronite eparch (bishop) from the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles will be in attendance.  This is an incredibly important event in the life of the Maronite Rite in North America, especially western U.S.; it is believed this is a first for the western Eparchy and definitely the first deaconate ordination for Abouna's monastery..


The diaconate ordination will begin at 10:30 a.m. (service will be 1 ½ to 2 hours in length), and parking is street level (St. Sharbel is in the middle of residential property).  Arrive at least 45 minutes early to prepare.  Our on-site contact is Lonnie Ellingson.


Take advantage of this rare opportunity and help out with this most important Honor Guard.  I have heard that Abouna himself asked for the Knights, and we should be extremely honored to be asked to participate. 


Your Faithful Servant,


Michael D. Rooke

Knights of Columbus, Fourth Degree

District Master, Oregon




Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fwd: Health & Welfare Report 13 July 2014

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From: "Andrew Robinson" <>
Date: Jul 13, 2014 11:36 AM
Subject: Health & Welfare Report 13 July 2014
To: "Andrew Robinson" <>

Dear Brothers

Please pray for the quick recovery of our dear friend Sir Knight Joe Lavelle.  Joe is 90 year old and had several small heart attacks on 7/08/14.  Joe is a member of Council 3157 and Assembly 2437 in Grants Pass.   He appears to be okay for the moment, but is scheduled for a Stent at Three Rivers Hospital in Grants Pass.

Health & Welfare Chairman

Andrew F. Robinson, Jr

Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 13 Christ in the Womb

July 13 Bulletin
The Word was made Flesh . . . Following Baby Jesus in the womb
17 Weeks
Fetal movement, also called ‘quickening’, is usually felt between 16 and 20 Weeks of pregnancy. The time and frequency is different for every woman and from one pregnancy to another. One Baby may be more active than another. Baby weight has doubled and is about 3½ ounces.
Baby’s approximate due date: December 25, 201


The Word Made Flesh for July 11-12, 2015

Late in Luke Chapter 1, we get the story of Elizabeth hearing the news of Mary's pregnancy, and the quickening of John the Baptist, who leaped for joy in his mother's womb.

Sometime between 16 and 20 weeks, our little girl is old enough to react to her environment. At just 3.5 ounces, she's already beginning to move, and react to the sound of her mother's voice. Who is to say this is not a person with a soul at this stage? In many countries in Europe, she's a person with rights; but not in Oregon.

Baby is due December 25, 2015, sharing a due date with the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fwd: Former District Deputy and Fourth Degree Master from California Passes Away

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Michael D. Rooke <>
Date: Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 10:10 PM
Subject: Former District Deputy and Fourth Degree Master from California Passes Away
To: Brent Dattke <>
Cc: Bob Latham <>,, James Humeston <>, Brent Dattke <>

Sir Knights, State Officers, and Fellow Brother Knights.

I have been contacted by Brent Dattke, FN of Bend assembly, and he has
informed me of the passing of John O'Brien, former District Deputy and
Former District Master for California.  Please see below the information
about his funeral this upcoming Friday.  I have asked for the funeral time,
and will text all of you when I have this information.  If you are in any
way available, please assist with this request.  Any and all members of the
Order, Fourth Degree and State Officers, Regalia or not, are requested to
attend.  Let us honor this fellow Sir Knight with the respect that we are
known for presenting to our Brother Knights.

-----Original Message-----
From: Brent Dattke []
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2014 3:30 PM
To: 'Michael D. Rooke'
Cc: Bob Latham;; James Humeston

Hi Michael,

I just got off the phone with his granddaughter (she did not call me back
last night), His name is John O'Brien, he was born in August 1923, his KC
background was State Deputy, 4th degree District Master, Grand Knight
Council 2498, Financial Secretary for 33 years Council 2498 and belonged to
4th degree Assembly 82. The funeral will be Friday July 11th to be held at
Deschutes Memorial Gardens 63875 Hwy 97 North, Bend, OR  97701. He was a
WWII Vet. There will be a military honor guard as well as a 4th degree honor

Hope that's enough Michael.
Brent Dattke

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael D. Rooke []
Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2014 8:55 AM
To: Brent Dattke; Dattke Brent

respond to this email to insure it goes through.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Christ in the Womb for July 6, 2014

July 6 Bulletin
The Word was made Flesh . . . Following Baby Jesus in the womb
4 months Nostrils and toenails become visible. The Baby may suck his thumb, turn somersaults and has a firm grip. The ovaries of girls contain beginnings of eggs. Baby begins to develop sleeping habits. At about 4½ months, he is able to experience pain.
Baby’s approximate due date: December 25, 2014
The Word Made Flesh for July 4-5,2015.

The face- the human face- such a miracle it is. For in the faces of other people, we see the face of God. We're nearly four months into the journey we have undertaken with our little girl in the womb now. She's beginning to develop those things that make a woman a woman. And her face is beginning to develop further. She might be sucking her thumb, she might be giving mommy fits as she turns somersaults. But she still shares a birthday with Our Lord, for her due date is December 25, 2015.

Christ in the womb for Sunday, June 29

I'm a couple of weeks behind, but I'll post both today for the past two weeks. I got off due to Knights business meeting and the holiday weekend.

June 29 Bulletin
The Word was made Flesh . . . Following Baby Jesus in the womb
15 Weeks
Rapid production of nerve cells begins and continues for a month. A second surge will occur at 25 Weeks .
Baby’s approximate due date: December 25, 2014
The Word Made Flesh for June 27-28, 2015.
Psalm 127 tells us that children are a reward. The human mind is connected to the outside world through our five senses. Our little girl, who will share her due date with the birthday of our Lord, is developing the nerves that connect the brain to the heart and to the outside world.

Baby's approximate Due Date, December 25, 2015

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Officer Installation next meeting

I would appreciate it if as many of the following people made the July 21 meeting as possible, at 7pm:
Officer Positions

Grand Knight Mr Theodore M Seeber

Financial Secretary Philip A Jarvis

Deputy Grand Knight Kenneth A Paulsen

Chancellor Polinus N Vuoche

Recorder James L Van Domelen

Treasurer Marc R Gregoire

Warden Michael H Chau

Inside Guard Ivan D Ward

Outside Guard Dennis M Codd

One Year Trustee James M Morgan

Two Year Trustee John T Creegan

Three Year Trustee Thomas R Owens

Lecturer Michael J O'Phelan

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fwd: First Degree in September


Tigard will be holding a First Degree on September 3rd in O'Reilly at St. Anthony's Church.  Please contact Gary Stump at for details.  I believe they will start at about 7:00pm but check with Gary to make sure.  This is the time to get those new candidates into our order.

Fraternally yours,

Dave Saunders

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fwd: The New Supreme Requirement for Youth Leaders, Grand Knights, State Deputy & District Deputies.

From the State Advocate

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Jul 2, 2014 10:14 AM
Subject: Fwd: The New Supreme Requirement for Youth Leaders, Grand Knights, State Deputy & District Deputies.
To: <>, <>, <>, <>

Just in from Ron


-----Original Message-----
From: Ron Boyce <>
To: pboysbarcode <>; saunders250 <>; trastj <>; gwoyd <>; rt9696 <>; jwschaecher <>; gwazko <>; willchar642 <>; paul <>; inburnett <>; mdursse64 <>; watbil <>; llllanz <>; fishdad50 <>; rdperin <>; boscodang <>; dlmorri <>; jgarcia <>; guenther51 <>; dieseldan42 <>; a.docati <>; districtd2 <>; steve <>
Sent: Tue, Jul 1, 2014 9:41 pm
Subject: The New Supreme Requirement for Youth Leaders, Grand Knights, State Deputy & District Deputies.

Please get this to all of your Council Advocates and Grand Knights, so they can address this to their council at their July & August meetings.  This needs to get done ASAP.  You can also inform them it will be on the State Web site.  Thanks for your help.

State Advocates Corner
You all may have heard that Supreme is going to be requiring all selected Youth Leaders to fulfill all local diocesan safe environment/youth protection requirements for persons working with children and young people in the diocese.  These requirements typically include completion of sexual abuse awareness training and a background check.  Youth leaders must complete these diocesan requirements before they begin their service or within 30 days from the time they begin working with young people. Only members who have had the required diocesan training and completed any required diocesan background check should be working with children and young people.  
The Knights of Columbus strongly encourages all Officers and other Fraternal Leaders who supervise youth leaders, including Grand Knights, State Deputies, and District Deputies, to complete all diocesan safe environment/youth protection requirements.   
The Knights of Columbus asks that all youth leaders, and those that supervise youth leaders, provide a copy of the certificate of completion they received (e.g., VIRTUS training) as evidence that they have completed the required diocesan training. 
Beginning on July 1, 2014, all youth leaders, and those that supervise youth leaders, must scan and e-mail a copy of the diocesan certificate to  
The e-mail subject line should contain the council or circle number and the youth leader's name and membership number (e.g., Circle 560, John Doe, #8675309). 
The Knights of Columbus is also requiring members who are nominated to serve as State Squires Chairman, Chief Counselor or Counselor in the Columbian Squires Program or as a Boy Scout troop leader to submit an application and a background check authorization form to the Supreme Office. Candidates for these positions may obtain a form from their Grand Knight, Council Advocate or State Advocate.
Once completed, the candidates should give the form to the Grand Knight or Faithful Navigator. After the Grand Knight or Faithful Navigator, or his designee, checks the references listed and is satisfied the candidate is suitable for appointment, he should sign the form and email it to  The e-mail subject line should contain the council or circle number and the youth leader's name and membership number (e.g., Circle 560, John Doe, #8675309).
Upon approval, a certificate will be issued to the candidate confirming his appointment. Approval is good for up to three years from the date on the certificate.
For more information, please contact Ron Boyce State Advocate at or 503-730-1986.

Vivat Jesus,
Ron Boyce
Knights of Columbus
Oregon State Advocate & Membership Director
PO Box 23093
Tigard, OR 97281
One Member, Per Council, Per Month

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fwd: Health & Welfare Report 1 July 2014

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Andrew Robinson <>
Date: Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 11:09 AM
Subject: Health & Welfare Report 1 July 2014
To: Andrew Robinson <>

Dear Brothers

Brother Remi Coussens, OF Hillsboro Council #1634 who received his 75-year pen on 20 May 2014, has died.  His funeral is today, Tuesday, July 1st, at St. Edwards Catholic Church (10990 NW 113th Ave., North Plains, OR).  Rosary is at 10:30am and funeral at 11:00am.  Services by Duyck & Vandehey, (503)357-8749.  Condolences to his family can be sent via online:  Please remember Remi in your prayers.

Health & Welfare Chairman

Andrew F. Robinson, Jr.