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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Meeting Monday, July 21, 2014

Sorry to get this out so late, it's been a busy week with a job change coming up.

John Clare Council #15485 Meeting Agenda
July 20, 2014
St. Clare Fireside Room

● 6:30pm Audit. Trustees, GK, DD, DW, and FS to attend. No excuses.
● 7:00pm Opening Prayer Our Father, Roll Call, Reading of Previous Minutes
● 7:10pm Grand Knight’s Remarks
○ Mea Culpa- Treasurer, Request motion from the floor to validate appointment change to Officer’s List.
○ Pastoral Council Report
● 7:15pm Reading of the Warrants, FS Report, Communications
● 7:20 pm, For the Good of the Order (moved under GK Request)
● 7:30pm Committees
○ Life
○ Community
■ Upcoming Breakfast
● 7:40pm New Business
● 7:50pm District Deputy/State Officers
● 7:55pm Sick or in Distress – Hail Mary
● 8:10pm Closing Prayer


Previous meeting's Minutes:

Jim offers this version of the minutes of the last meeting, prepared more for the bank than our membership. He has already stated that due to a family vacation, he will NOT be at this meeting, so this is all we have

Knights of Columbus Council #15484
Meeting Minutes of June 17, 2014
Reports were given by the Grand Knight, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and Life
Volunteers were requested to serve on 29 June at St. Clare Coffee and Donuts.
The most important portion of our meeting consisted of the election of officers for the
2014-2015 fraternal year. The following were elected by a unanimous vote:
Grand Knight Theodore Seeber
Deputy Grand Knight Kenneth Paulsen
Chancellor Polinus Vuoche
Recorder James Van Domelen
Treasurer Michael Devlin
Advocate Marc Gregoire
Warden Michael Chau
Inside Guard Ivan Ward
Outside Guard Dennis Codd
Trustee – 3rd year Tom Owens
Trustee – 2nd year John Creegan
Trustee – 1st year James Michael Morgan
Prepared by James Van Domelen, Recorder

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