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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Update on Easter Egg Hunt at St. Clare's

From Deacon Bill, a few changes to the ask for volunteers, nothing we can't handle.  Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday are the two biggest needs.  Contact Ted Seeber,, if you can volunteer

There will be an issue because of the larger than usual crowd for Easter Liturgies - the both gates will be open on Freeman Street for additional parking. As a result I think we need to move the area for the hunt to the far end of the school yard. Also we would need a member of the Knights to regulate traffic so children will be safe crossing Freeman Street. Not a big issue but a safety issue none the less.  -- Ted says, I'd like 2 men for this duty, approximately 9:30am-10:30 am on Easter Sunday, for this

Last year Mary Pat said we placed out 1,000 eggs. We have the plastic eggs I am hoping for enough goodies to insert in the eggs. If not I will purchase by April 8th.

I will have 3 long tables set up in the parish hall on April 8th. The Knights will man the tables and recruit volunteers to help fill the eggs on Sunday April 9th between Masses.  -- Ted says I can do this, but would like one other volunteer.  Christopher can ask families to come join us.  9:30am-10:45 am, depending on number of volunteers, Palm Sunday

Ted has said that we will set up the various areas in the school yard with poles and tape which we have on Saturday April 8th before the Easter Vigil. 4 areas ages 0-3, 4-6. 7-9, and 10 and up. -- Ted Says More hands will make faster work, we will meet at 7:00pm to do this Holy Saturday

On Easter Sunday we will set up the eggs in the school yard starting at 7:45 am. The breakdown is ages 0-3 (200 eggs) 4-6 (300 eggs), 7-9 (300 eggs) 10 and up (200 eggs). This was the breakdown from last year and it worked out fine. Mary Part suggested that the person(s) who is overseeing the specific groups hold on to about 30 eggs so there are no unnecessary tears.
I am hoping to have maybe two volunteers to oversee each of the 4 groups.

Mass may run a little later than usual because of the crowd at Easter but I give you permission to leave after communion so we can be ready to go when Mass breaks.

I believe we will be able to wrap the hunt up by 10:30 as families will gravitate to coffee and donuts.
We will need that person directing traffic to remain until all the children and families are out of the area.

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