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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Excellent year to get state raffle tickets!

The following message from PSD Bob Kish indicates sales are low- what a year to buy tickets!  If sales are low, your chances of winning are much improved.  So go to the website- and let's get those sales numbers up.  Link below.
To date, our Charity Raffle ticket sales have been very low...overwhelming low!
Many of you told me how great an idea, "the electronic ticket sales would be", yet only a handful have actually gone online to purchase tickets. Not sure what everyone is waiting for? Only 7 weeks to the Convention Brothers.
I suspect that sales are down because many of our members still do not know about the new "on-line" method? It can’t get any need to write a check, no envelopes and no stamp! Just go to the Charities web-site and purchase as many tickets as you want with your credit card...YES...its that easy.
I have been counting on the State Officers, Directors, Chairman, District Deputies, Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries to get the word out to the Council Membership. IS THIS HAPPENING? The saddest news of all...ticket sales from any of the Officers I just listed are virtually nil! Come on Brothers!
I have attached the Raffle Flyer again, so you can post it and/or email it to your membership. Please don't wait until the April membership meeting to inform it now so they have time to react.
Please help us get the word our around the State...the Charities we support are counting on us Brothers.
God Bless And Thanks For All You Do,
Bob Kish
Oregon Knights of Columbus
Immediate Past State Deputy
Oregon State KofC Charities President
New Council Development Chairman

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