Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Message from Mike Higgins

I've received very little interest in the group thus far.  I'd had hoped for at least 6 members to start.  It may be premature to arrange for a first meeting before the 1st Sunday of Lent, this coming Sunday.  I'd like your reaction to whether we should start meeting now.  If not, I can keep advertising in the bulletin and see if we attract more interest.

When we meet I'd like to focus on the Sunday readings.  I was thinking such a group would make a good Lenten practice but we needn't rush into this.

Once we get started I was imagining we'd meet monthly.  I didn't advertise a time and place in the St Clare bulletin because I wanted to decide upon a mutually agreeable time.  

If you are interested in proceeding at this time, let me know (higgins46807@hotmail.com).  We could proceed with only 4 of us.  If everyone is interested, I'll suggest times using NeedToMeet.  We can meet at St Clare.  

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