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Sunday, February 5, 2017

K/C Breakfast BIG success!

Hell-o Brother Knights,

I'm happy to report that we NETTED $390.25 which I believe is a new world record (for our council).  I'd like to credit the egg cooker (yours truly) for this feat, but in fact I think it was Ted's blueberries that deserve the largest share of the credit.  We always have a lot of fun at these events - the camaraderie is great - but we were shorthanded this time.  Still, we pulled it off - and this big take, with so few helpers means we each may have surpassed minimum wage!  HA!

So thanks to Don Mey, Ted Seeber and son, James Michael Morgan, (not sure which name he's using today but his $800 apron said "Mike"),  Paul Pompili, Mike Devlin, John , Daniel Solomon, John Creegan, Phil Jarvis, and three very nice ladies from the parish:  Laura Bowers, Lynnette Howes, and Kevi (don't know her last name), and also last night Michael Chau and Jim Van Domelon and his wife Judy, and I'm sure I've forgotten somebody.  (Stirring eggs does that to a brain...)


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