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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Knights of Columbus State Charities Raffle goes Paperless!

Brother Knights of Oregon,
The days of printing books of raffle tickets and mailing over 9,000 envelopes to our entire state membership is over.
This year our Annual Charities Raffle will be run through our “Oregon State KofC Charities Inc.” website.
This was done to cut costs, increase our charitable outreach, come into the 21st century, and God willing...increase our income as well.
We have been issued a Raffle Gaming License by the Oregon Department of Justice. So we are now legal and our raffle page is up and running!
The price per chance is $5.00 per ticket.
The drawing will take place on May 6, 2017 at the Oregon State Knights of Columbus State Convention in Bend.
Keeping with tradition, the raffle drawing will take place Saturday night at the Awards Banquet.
You do not have to be present to win. Be sure to get your tickets early. The cutoff for ticket sales is Friday, May 5th.
The prizes for this 2017 Raffle are:
1st Prize - $1,500.00
2nd Prize - $750.00
3rd Prize - $250.00
To purchase your tickets
1. Go to the "Oregon State KofC Charities" website;
2. You can get there through our State Knights of Columbus website as well; and pick on the charities logo.
3. Once in the charities website, go to the raffle tab.
4. Enter all your pertinent personal and credit card information.
5. Enter the number of tickets you would like to purchase.
6. Be sure to print your receipt. This receipt has your ticket numbers printed on it. For your proof of purchase, treat this receipt as your ticket stub.
7. You can be sure that your raffle tickets will be placed into the raffle drum the day of the drawing.
            ***NO TICKETS WILL BE SENT TO YOU***
To assist you in helping spread the word about this new method of getting Charity Raffle Tickets, I attached 2 different size raffle flyers. You can print them and post them.
Hang them in the church and in your meeting room. Let your entire Parish and Council know about this change and how they can get their 2017 Charity Raffle Tickets. Please make sure you share this email with everyone in your Council, Assembly, and Parish.
Every year the numbers of non-profit charitable organizations asking for our financial assistance grows. We need your help! They need your help! Together we can change more lives and save more lives right here in Oregon!
Thank You and God Bless,
Bob Kish
Oregon Knights of Columbus
Immediate Past State Deputy
Oregon State KofC Charities President
New Council Development Chairman

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