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Sunday, September 25, 2016

October Membership Drive Try #3

I am now combining my two attempts and editing severely, to hit the important points in the least amount of time.  The following I timed myself reading in less than 1:32.

Good evening/morning.
I am Ted Seeber.
My family and I have been members of St. Clare parish for 18 years.
Today I am speaking about the Knights of Columbus. On April 16, 2012, I pulled together 35 men from St. Clare's and St. John Fisher, and we charted Council 15485.  

We are asking every man over the age of 18 to seriously consider membership today.

We are parish based and parish attached.  We do breakfast three Sundays a year at each parish.   We volunteer for many other events.

We work beyond the immediate parish in the community, volunteering on projects that matter, such as the upcoming Advent Baby Bottle Change Drive for Mother and Child Education Center.

Membership in the Knights and volunteering with us now counts for school volunteering credit, in unity between the parish and the school. 

The Knights was founded on family. Our families participate with us Knights when we take on various projects and activities.  Men, ask your spouse today if volunteering together as a family would strengthen your parenting.

In conclusion, we will be available in the back of the church to talk after this mass, or there will be an information session this Sunday at 11:45, in the Parish Hall.
Come, give us a few minutes. Come talk to us, about joining us on this journey Onward and Upward Together.

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