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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Junque and Jewells setup at St. Clare's

Because it has been a couple of weeks, and because I am getting questions about it, here are the dates and times for Junque and Jewells that Knights and the Men's Basketball Group are requested to volunteer for. Of course, you can volunteer for more, but these are the times we are specifically needed for setup and teardown: June 16, 6pm-8pm (should be plenty of time to get the floor down) June 17, 6pm-9pm (will need Trucks to get tables and bookcases down from the shed) June 26, 3pm (Trucks need to return to help with cleanup and moving tables back up to the shed) Remember, many hands make for light work, and in addition, 4 hours of volunteering gets you a ticket for the early bird sale on Thursday, June 23.

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