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Monday, June 13, 2016

The Jubilee Year of Mercy Mass for People with Disabilities

At the international Mass, The pope had a homily that also should not be missed.

However, more locally, we had quite the celebration- and at St. Rose's parish in Northeast Portland, 15485 was well represented in attendance, organization, and participation in the Mass.

Ted's Son Christopher got interviewed by Catholic Sentinel for his habit of drawing art during Mass.

There was sign language interpretation for the deaf
Thanks to PGK Ted Seeber, we arranged for a 4th Degree Honor Guard for Bishop Steiner
Yep, that's Hank Hess, Charter GK of Holy Cross Council
And our dear Warden Michael Chau, even if you can only see the back of his head, was an altar server along with two other intelectually disabled people.

Our newest Third Degree, Daniel Saloman, got to play the role of Christ in the Gospel re-enactment.

 There will be better pictures in the Sentineel, eventually.

 Bishop Steiner told us he graduated from St. Rose- over 65 years ago.

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  1. Beautiful job Ted! Congratulation to Christopher too.