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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Minutes of the meeting 5-18-2015

Ally B graced us with a reading of her winning State Essay!  Congratulations to Ally, who won $50 from the State Council (and she sure has done a lot of growing this year since we last saw her in November!

Meeting was opened at 7:05pm with the Lord's Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance.

GK, DGK, FS, Adv, Treasurer, Warden, Lecturer, DD, 1 year Trustee
Chancelor, 3 year Trustee, Recorder
2 year Trustee, Inside/Outside guards

Previous minutes were accurate and approved.

GK Report
We will discuss replacing breakfast leadership at a future date.  We have neither the manpower or the leadership at present to support the May 31 breakfast.
GK would like volunteers to set up the Parish Hall for Pentecost.  Still need 2 more men for this job, Saturday, 6pm.
Need volunteers to help with the next Movie Night and setting up the gym.  If you have done putting the floor in the gym down before for Junque and Jewels, we would appreciate the leadership as Ted will be showing Despicable Me in hopes that a few fathers volunteer if we take care of their minions.
September 13, 2015 will be the parish picnic, we will be cooking.  Ted to inquire with 3591 for rental of the Magicator Grill.  
Convention news:  
  • Keep Christ in Christmas fundraiser- $130 for $163 worth of Christmas Cards!  Earn money for the council and promote Keep Christ in Christmas
  • Michael Chau offered his impressions.
  • Raise in State Assessment Mentioned 
  • State newsletter now to be published on web
Treasurer Report
$550 donation to Mother and Child.  Lots of money in and out, but checking account still over $1000.

Financial Secretary Report
32 members.  Will be 31 unless missing member shows up.  9 still unpaid other than missing member.  Ted to write letters.  Food For Families and Columbian Award due 6-30-2015.  Ted to take care of these.  Officer report 185 due July 1, Phil Jarvis to take care of after election.
GK, DGK, FS, and Membership Director are due in Salem July 18th and 19th for State Leadership Meeting.

For the Good of the Order

John 1:1-14 & Cardinal Francis George's speech to the Y2k Eucharistic Jubilee.

June 20 1st-3rd in Hillsboro, 9am.

June 12 Movie Night / Junque and Jewels Setup

Report on the flower sale by Ken Paulsen.

Nominations of Officers- 
GK:  Ken Paulsen, Marc Gregoire
Deputy GK:  Polinus Vuoche
Chancelor:  Mike O'Phelan (who can do double duty as appointed lecturer and elected Chan.)
Advocate:  Marc Gregoire
Treasurer:  Mike Devilin
Recorder:  Jim Van Domelen
Warden: Michael Chau
Inside Guard:  Kevin Hagan
Outside Guard:  Mike Morgan
GK Ted Seeber will retire and become 3 year Trustee, setting the pattern.

New Business
Brother Morgan introduced us to his Pulmonary support group, and asked us to consider a fundraiser coming up for them.  More on the blog later.

DD Report:
June 20 Degrees
Columbian Award Due

Sick or in Distress:
Millie Dover, Shannon Seeber, Ken Paulsen's relative, Fr. Viet of My Lam School.

For Closing Prayer, we showed:

Please prayerfully consider the words of the State Chaplain as you consider attending the next meeting, Monday, June 15

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  1. Good, GK I texted you regarding meetings for the term as I will not be available to attend meetings but will be participating in any activities schedule out side my classes period. Thank you Polinus